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by ogopogo
Wed Oct 21, 2020 1:53 pm
Forum: General Comments
Topic: The clubhouse.....
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Re: The clubhouse.....

Got my start in Aviation hanging around the clubhouse in Picton, Ont at the Prince Edward Flying Club. (PEFC) From the late 50`s until I joined the CF/RCAF in 69, every free minute was at the airport. Odd jobs at the club or cleaning members planes....did it all in exchange for flight time! Lots of...
by ogopogo
Sun Oct 18, 2020 3:25 pm
Forum: General Comments
Topic: Abandoned aircraft — opinion needed
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Abandoned aircraft — opinion needed

I am on the executive of a flying club. Our bylaws stipulate that in order to qualify for hangar space, the A/C must be in flyable condition, be flown at least three times per year and be insured. One member fails on all three counts, the plane is a mess and has not been looked at for three years. I...
by ogopogo
Sun Sep 06, 2020 9:40 am
Forum: General Airline Industry Comments
Topic: New Bottom Feeder's
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Re: New Bottom Feeder's

When most, if not all in the aviation sector, are both future and financially fuct, you’re the one who decides who’s a “bottom feeder”??? Shouldn’t we, individually, in our own specific circumstances, decide what’s best for us and our families during a pandemic? Even though I get it, maybe more con...
by ogopogo
Tue Jun 23, 2020 5:23 am
Forum: Flight Training
Topic: ATPL Application process tips
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Re: ATPL Application process tips

Prompts me to ask a question: How did the ATPL process work for large airlines, for instance? For those who joined early on (say in the ‘70s) and worked their way up to widebody skippers and then retired with 35+ years service? I’ve known several,over the years but I don’t recall any of them ”writin...
by ogopogo
Wed Jun 17, 2020 8:10 pm
Forum: Air Canada
Topic: Average Stage Length vs. Average Length of Flight
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Re: Average Stage Length vs. Average Length of Flight

Dude, you’re posting this on a forum which is populated (mostly) by pilots. They push the buttons, push the pedals, talk on the radio, set the parking brake and go home. Or to the hotel.
by ogopogo
Mon May 25, 2020 7:39 am
Forum: Accidents, Incidents & Overdue Aircraft
Topic: Snowbird crash in CYKA
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Re: Snowbird crash in CYKA

co-joe wrote: Fri May 22, 2020 10:33 pm
Why does this guy look so familiar? Was he in that TV show Jetstream?
by ogopogo
Mon May 04, 2020 10:00 am
Forum: General Comments
Topic: Community/Residential Air Parks
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Re: Community/Residential Air Parks

A friend owns a home in FL at 94FL. Amazing community of about 50 homes/hangars. A few AMEs there as well, always someone there to borrow a tool from. Resident planes range from C172 to a Citation jet.

Anyway, wasn’t Guelph ON an airpark?
by ogopogo
Mon Mar 02, 2020 6:27 am
Forum: General Airline Industry Comments
Topic: Pretty sobering opinion
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Re: Pretty sobering opinion

GhostRider6 wrote: Sun Mar 01, 2020 7:26 pm Y

I hope this guy has retired ... its cause for some concern. But .. maybe not to this extent.
He's a US-based 767 FO who blogs about aviation. Very well written, worth a read. Lots of interesting articles.

I hope he's wrong, though.
by ogopogo
Fri Jan 03, 2020 11:23 am
Forum: General Comments
Topic: Swoop
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Re: Swoop

The medical issue aside, was the arguing over the refunds really worth it in the long run? Why do soooo many organizations do this? The bad PR is never considered. That family will never fly Swoop again, and they’ll be sure their friends know. I had the same experience with a winery who flatly refus...
by ogopogo
Wed Nov 13, 2019 6:42 pm
Forum: Air Canada
Topic: The Air Canada OTS thread
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Re: The Air Canada OTS thread

The reserve rules at AC are archaic and border on illegall. As a junior reserve (and they’ll be junior reserve fur a while) Crew Sked owns your ass. Think you are going for a nice two day pairing and come home 6 days later. It’s not a nice place to be. Yeah, but senior reserve (especially in YVR) i...
by ogopogo
Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:40 am
Forum: Air Canada
Topic: Federal Election — aircraft use
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Federal Election — aircraft use

I noticed on TV this morning Mr Scheer is using a gussied-up A320. Assuming the C party has leased it from AC (I’m guessing) I’m curious as to how crew scheduling works re: schedules, hotels, etc. Is this something AC pilots would volunteer for? Or maybe the planes are crewed by management pilots?
by ogopogo
Sat Aug 24, 2019 2:44 pm
Forum: Air Canada
Topic: Who will bid the A220?
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Re: Who will bid the A220?

altiplano wrote: Fri Aug 23, 2019 7:33 pm Captain nav-aid pay 11.1412
FO nav-aid pay 5.5701
RP nav-aid pay 3.3416
There are RPs on NB aircraft?
by ogopogo
Sat Aug 03, 2019 2:44 pm
Forum: General Comments
Topic: could of been the whiskey-could of been the beer
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Re: could of been the whiskey-could of been the beer

It’s “ have”.

“Could have”.
by ogopogo
Wed Jul 31, 2019 4:58 am
Forum: Flight Training
Topic: Licence numbers
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Licence numbers

I was licenced in 1978 and was issued a six digit number beginning with a 2, preceded by three letters, first YZP, then YZC. Learned to fly at Brampton, NC3.

Just curious what numbers are currently being issued 40 odd years later, and whether the three-letter prefix is still being issued.
by ogopogo
Mon Jun 24, 2019 10:46 am
Forum: General Comments
Topic: Air Force One Livery
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Re: Air Force One Livery

No different than what Harper did to one of our CC-150s.

by ogopogo
Tue Jun 04, 2019 1:46 pm
Forum: Air Canada
Topic: CBC News story / no-fly ban
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Re: CBC News story / no-fly ban

AC accepted her tix, and let her on. More than once. Not something I would ever do, but AC, you snooze, you lose.

She’ll go back to China on CX, laughing all the way.

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