D-ARWE Challenger 604 accident report . . . Dec 2007

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D-ARWE Challenger 604 accident report . . . Dec 2007

#1 Post by bizjets101 » Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:45 am

Click Here translated to English by The German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation.

The fundamental purpose posting report is: To improve aviation safety by determining the causes of accidents and serious incidents, it is not to apportion blame or liability.

Dec 26 2007 03:00 departing Almaty, Kazakhstan

The accident involving a CL-604 aircraft registered D-ARWE was caused by the asymmetric lift loss at takeoff which led to aircraft stall right after the liftoff, collision with the ground and obstacles, aircraft destruction and ground fire.

The lift loss was most probably caused by the contamination of the wing leading edge with precipitation in the form of snow after the anti-icing which occurred as the crew did not engage the Wing Anti-Ice before the takeoff which is a mandatory requirement of the CL-604 AFM in the actual weather conditions (moderate snow, OAT minus 14° С, moisture content 92 %, dewpoint minus 15° С, dry snow on the runway, 10 mm thick).

Accident; four persons on board, Co-Pilot fatal, Captain, Flight Attendant, and Passenger serious. Aircraft was en route from Hannover, Germany to Macao, China with a fuel stop at Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Almaty Airport takeoff; after the aircraft lifted off it developed an intensive right bank accompanied by loss of height. As the bank was developing the right wing touched the runway edge and then turning right the aircraft impacted the airfield. Moving further the aircraft collided with the reinforced airdrome fence, was destroyed and partially burnt in the ground fire.

Challenger 604 D-AWRE Almaty Airport, Kazakhstan
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