Air Force Doesn't Like My Triglycerides?????

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Air Force Doesn't Like My Triglycerides?????

#1 Post by NAVY90 » Tue Mar 08, 2016 9:50 pm

Hey all,

Looking for some advice/insight into an issue that I know little about.

I have been serving military for 8 years now, I put in a Component Transfer (CT) to Air Force Pilot back in 2011. Just recently I moved on to the medical portion of my testing (YES, It's THAT long of a process).

Long story short, I am perfectly healthy except for my "Triglyceride level". My cholesterol, HDL, LDL numbers are PERFECT, but my Triglycerides were pretty high. I have since been on medication and got my tri's almost down to the decimal point that they require.

Can anyone tell me why/how triglycerides are so important to them? Any medical people out there?

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