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#1 Post by StudentPilot » Fri Jul 12, 2013 7:51 am

I just had a medical in June before heading to the bush for the summer, and yesterday got a call from the CAME's office saying I needed an ECG. Since I am away from civilization for the next few months, they said they would submit my application but did not expect it to go through. During the examination I told the doctor when my last ECG for TC was (just under five years ago, when I didn't think to check the CARs and a different CAME told me I needed one every five years). I am under 30.
Standard 424.17, literally the last line is a link to the physical and mental requirements. It says:
1.7 Routine electro-cardiography shall form part of the heart examination of an applicant (a) for the first issue of a Medical Certificate;
(b) within the two years preceding the examination between ages 30 years and 40 years; and
(c) within the 12 months preceding the examination after age 40.
Who's right - the CARs online or the CAME's office?
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#2 Post by Beefitarian » Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:37 am

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#3 Post by Changes in Latitudes » Fri Jul 12, 2013 7:56 pm

The CAME may not be right, but, they are the people that are going to send you an envelope with the letter telling you to put your license in it and mail it back to them. Did you refer them to the CARs when you talked to them? If not, call them back and get them to clarify their position with a reference.

Either way, I would make the effort to go get your ECG taken care of ASAP. It's easier to go get an extra ECG done when you're in town than to fight it out with them for the next few months. It may not be right, but it would make the problem go away.

Apparently they are really hitting the medical files hard these days and going after people. This is happening quite frequently.
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#4 Post by spaner » Sat Jul 13, 2013 12:46 am

Funny, I was just through this. First, don't assume that the professionals that you are questioning, have any idea of what is correct.

I saw a new guy for my last one and he was 60? Doing it for many years.
The ECG at first, he said I needed a new one. Na, I says, over 40 it's every 12.
Na, he says it's every 6 months. He refused to stamp me, I refused to go get an ECG.
I said you must have a way to check it here on site? Right? Isn't that a requirement to offer the service?
He comes back, and says "yup" you're good now for every second medical. Same as before 40.
Na, I says, It's "in the previous 12 months".

That means in 90 days all be back for another medical, the previous ECG will STILL be good, and my file will coast for another 9 months.

He just shook his head and left... :lol:

Get a hard copy of your applicable ref, fax it, and have it on hand. If they see it, they will comply with the regulations.
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