Flying with a hand in a cast?

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Flying with a hand in a cast?

#1 Post by Chaxterium » Mon Sep 09, 2013 4:18 pm

Hi all,

I was wondering if a pilot can still fly while wearing a cast on the hand. Provided of course that the cast does not interfere with the safe operation of the aircraft in any way. Or, does the wearing of a cast automatically invalidate one's medical? I'm talking about a Cat 1 medical.

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Re: Flying with a hand in a cast?

#2 Post by chipmunk » Mon Sep 09, 2013 4:24 pm

Oh dear... :(
Heal fast, buddy.

I'm no AME and have no personal experience with this, but looking at the Physical and Mental Requirement: ... 2-1412.htm

1.1 The applicant shall be free from (a) any abnormality, congenital or acquired; or
(b) any active, latent, acute or chronic disability; or
(c) any wound, injury or sequelae from operation
(d) any effect or side effect of any prescribed or non-prescribed therapeutic medication taken.
(amended 1999/03/01)
such as would entail a degree of functional incapacity which accredited medical conclusion indicates would interfere with the safe operation of an aircraft at any altitude throughout a prolonged or difficult flight, or may reasonably be expected within the period of validity of the licence to make the applicant unfit to exercise the privileges of the licence applied for or held."

1.2 The applicant shall not suffer from any disease or disability which may render the applicant liable to become unable to operate an aircraft safely.

Edited to add from the CARS:

Prohibition Regarding Exercise of Privileges

404.06 (1) Subject to subsection (3), no holder of a permit, licence or rating shall exercise the privileges of the permit, licence or rating if

(a) one of the following circumstances exists and could impair the holder's ability to exercise those privileges safely:

(i) the holder suffers from an illness, injury or disability,

(ii) the holder is taking a drug, or

(iii) the holder is receiving medical treatment;
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