Meyer Aircraft Jacks for Sale

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Meyer Aircraft Jacks for Sale

#1 Post by Bay_aviation » Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:59 pm

Meyer Jacks for sale. Mains hold 16000 lbs and nose 6000 lbs. Jack part numbers A728B (2) and A622 (1). Few scratches from shipping. Never used.
A: INNER SLIDE TUBE - The 3.5" (89mm) diameter powder-coated Tube forms the foundation of the TriTask Aircraft Jack System. The zigzag pattern of 1" (25mm) safety lock-out holes are vertically spaced 1.5" (38mm). The Tube's top has a 1" (25mm) diameter threaded hole designed to receive an AT-JPRn Jacking Point Receiver, a Top-of-the-Jack Load Cell or an AT-EBnnn Extension Bar.
B: POSITIVE SAFETY LOCK - Spring-loaded safety pin "pops" into the Inner Slide Tube and rests on top of the Jack's frame to prevent the accidental lowering of the aircraft.
C: ANTI-SNAG ROUND FRAME TUBE has a 4.5" (114mm) diameter with
a 3.5" (89mm) ID that lowers about .125" (5mm), and uniquely contacts the hanger floor as the aircraft is being lifted.
D: LOW-HEIGHT LEG DESIGN provides maximum gear door clearance. The three legs insure excellent stability with about 47" (120cm) leg-to-leg spread and each leg tip out 27" (68.6cm) from the center of the round frame tube. This provides a minimum of 27" (68.6cm) on one side and 14.5"
(36.8cm) on the other for side-to-side support. Contact Meyer Hydraulics if your gear door clearance is less than 2.375" (60mm) from the center of the aircraft's jacking point.
E: SIX 3" (76mm) SPRING LOADED CASTERS allow easy transporting of the Jack around the hanger without the need for the steel legs to scuff across the floor.
F: TWO ACCESSORY TUBES are provided to allow the operator to put in accessories or tools for on-board storage if desired.
G: LEG FLOOR PADS each provide a 4" x 2" (10x5cm) surface area for load
distribution and to help prevent hanger floor surface damage.

Message me for more details and pictures.
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