PA-34 RTO @ YPK-What happened

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Re: PA-34 RTO @ YPK-What happened

#151 Post by CpnCrunch » Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:05 am

pdw wrote:
Fri Feb 09, 2018 4:29 am
Unless ... there wasn't any while still taxiing for this take-off ?
In that case the control column should be back, IMO. The only time you would leave it neutral is when there is a slight tailwind.

I do see that some flight schools say you should leave the elevator neutral in light wind, as it doesn't have much effect. Some even advocate leaving it neutral in any headwind (Langley Flying School).
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Re: PA-34 RTO @ YPK-What happened

#152 Post by pdw » Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:48 pm

PilotDAR wrote:
Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:39 am
they wanted the operation of a landing gear selector, and checking gear position to be common across their fleet. I see the logic...
( A good strategy, to ensure for the gear example ... a safeguard against forgetting.)

In the case of the original Control Lock with a flag above in full view, I'd imagine is harder to miss. Some have/had the attached flag REMOVE before starting engine, except pointing down/low under the column or faded ( black pin blends in too well ) is maybe poorly visible.

There was one Cargomaster accident in the ASN database Jan 9 1998, an empty flight .. called back in at 12:30pm (50 min drive) for repositioning 3 aircraft, just home from scheduled early morning cargo flight/ daily roundtrip .. on the road 5am. The last leg off rwy3 Maiden NC at 5pm (nearing dusk on Jan 9) .. is found crashed a few miles after takeoff 40minutes later, single pilot fatal. Ntsb Report: control lock "tangled in the instrument panel ..with abnormal bends .. and a 90deg bend in the last 1/2in where engages the control column"; "control-lock normally 'stored in cargo net behind the pilot's seat during flights". Describes bizarre flight path deviations during/after takeoff, findings are "self induced pressure" (says "in a hurry" 3x / for family birthday celebration) and shoulder harness not used. "90deg bend" appears to be evidence of attempt to remove pin during the take-off (ie: realizing it) while getting airborne off 3000ft/40ft-wide paved.

:idea: If there is seizing of these removeable lock-pins where "engages" at the yoke (pinching or friction / if a force on the pin) when lifting/lowering elevator force against that lockpoint manually (by simulating the external pressure), maybe also futile to attempt late removal at various elevator pressures/cable-tension on such unfortunate takeoff scenario where forgetting has occurred ? Then no wasting of time was correct ... just RTO asap.

Those control locks sometimes got misplaced, esp on training aircraft with many users; then resort to using a seatbelt where forgetting not possible because you need to wear it too; then one day someone finds the control lock and decides to use it (opening still there) or flying a different aircraft that uses the pin ... back to an old routine where forgetting is an issue again if not versed in the correct cues for removal or install.

An actual " controlls free " call out / action performed in the pre-start checklist covers that 100% failsafe.
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