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Re: Perimeter Medevac

#26 Post by SuperchargedRS » Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:41 pm

JBI wrote:
SuperchargedRS wrote:
Not everyone wants to be a airline pilot ya know. Personally, as a medevac pilot but not at this company, I enjoy doing some flying that actually means a damn, folks are still alive because of the work my crew and I do. Also depending on where you work/live/fly look at QOL not just gross pay, making 90k in one place can actually be way better than making 150 somewhere else. YMMV
Agreed. The flip side, though, is that I would gladly take less money to be at a regional (or somewhere else) that didn't have the "Rolling Duty Day". I did that for a year and while some folks loved it, it was definitely not for me. Not saying one is better than an other, but everyone is different.
Agreed, the on call stuff would suck, were 12hrs on 12 off, but we stay at the base, like a fire house, got our own rooms, kitchen, BBQ, etc.
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