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Spotter's corner?

#1 Post by coreydotcom » Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:46 pm

That's how I'm "related" to aviation. I am part of YULaviation and we post our pictures every so often and we thank each other for the cool aircraft pictures.

Also, we give each other head's up on which cool/new/different airplanes are coming and at what time so we can go out to the airport to see them. A couple of the members are in the "Know" (i.e. controllers, rampies, pilots, etc.) and give us good head's up.

I know YULaviation is local but also has an "other airports" section ... maybe there is an equivalent website like YYZaviation for spotters... I don't know.

I just think this would be a neat platform to have a more "national" spotter's section where we can exchange pictures. I know we don,t upload our pictures directly either or else the files would be too big. We link them, but the picture somehow pops up on the page also... Don't ask me, I'm not a computer whiz.

Thoughts? Calling all spotters!
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