Skype 7.1 problems

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Skype 7.1 problems

#1 Post by Carrier » Sun Nov 09, 2014 2:18 pm

Previous versions of Skype for Mac would open with our list of Skype contacts. We are unable to find where to choose this on Skype 7.1 which keeps opening with Home. This leads to another problem.

We are unable to delete an unwanted message from a past deleted contact. This unwanted message keeps showing on Skype Home. Even supposedly “hiding” it does not get rid of the reference to this deleted contact as Home then shows “Updates from…………..are now hidden.” We are unable to get rid of this reference to an unwanted past contact. This is not acceptable. We do not want ANY reference to this past contact showing. How can Skype engineers be dumb enough to supposedly "hide" every reference to or from an unwanted contact but then forcibly retain a notice advising that updates from this unwanted contact have been hidden? We want ALL references to this former contact and its messages deleted!

We have deleted and reinstalled Skype several times over the past two months but the problems persist. We have to assume there is some sort of fault in Skype that the supplier is unable or unwilling to remedy.

Have others come across these issues? If so, have they been solved? How can Skype 7.1 be made to open with the list of Skype contacts? How can the message/notice advising “Updates from …….. are hidden” be deleted? If there are no solutions then what are the practical alternatives to Skype?
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