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Re: Superior Airways

Post by beech 18 » Thu Nov 07, 2019 8:57 am

November 07, 2019

Superior Airways / Severn Enterprise operation from the late 1960’s to 1974.

This is a list of some of the aircraft that were owned, leased or operated by
Mr. Wieben over the years starting in the 1940’s. These registrations are from
first hand knowledge, friends, information from former employees, information
found on the internet, books and from Archives Canada. There are aircraft
missing from this list. These are the ones that were found. A few remarks
with each aircraft. If someone sees errors please point them out.

Beech 18
CF-AUP - Wheels only. Stored in Armstrong. Then CF-JIR then N792LP on floats.
CF-CUK - On floats from early to later 1970's.
CF-HVF – May have been the companies first Beech 18 on floats and skis.
CF-PLU – Floats and skis. Cargo door. Written off outside of Pickle Lake.
CF-PRZ - Floats and skis. Removed from service in Armstrong, Ontario in 1974.
CF-RSW – Floats. Leased in the early 1970's. Now parked in the field at Minaki airport.
CF-TBH - Floats. Leased in the early 1970's.
CF-VCE – Last operated on skis at Sioux Lookout before being retired. No spar mode.
CF-WYR – Floats and skis. Cargo door. Snoopy was painted on the nose.
CF-YDV – Floats and skis. Cargo Door.
CF-YQB – Floats only. Was a Sioux Lookout aircraft. Small door.
CF-ZMR – Wheels only. Flew out of Thunder Bay.
CF-ZQF – From the RCAF. Flown from Saskatoon – Sioux Lookout- Armstrong then stored.
CF-ZQG – From the RCAF. Flown from Saskatoon – Sioux Lookout - Armstrong then stored.
CF-ZQH – Wheels only. Flew out of Sioux Lookout for many years.
CF-ZQN – Found on Beech 18 register - Ferried to Armstrong and stored. No C.of A.
CF-ZQR – Floats only. Newest Beech 18 in the fleet. Cargo door.

CF-FHO – Red, white and black. Purchased by O.J. Wieben and rebuilt.
CF-GQU – Sioux Lookout aircraft. Red, white and black. Floats and skis.
CF-IVA – Leased aircraft. serial #515
CF-MPN - Red, white and black. Floats and skis.
CF-MXR – Operated in Pickle Lake and later based in Sioux Lookout.
CF-ORC - Serial #1499. Photo on neil aird’s sight with Superior Airways on fuselage
CF-ODD – Ex Lands and Forest a/c. Floats and skis. Sioux Lookout winter of 73/74.

CF-DDX – Floats and skis. Serial #165. Red, white and black paint.
CF-GBX – Floats and skis. Serial #4 Red, white and black paint.
CF-IKT – Floats and skis. Serial #81 Red, white and black paint.
CF-XJM - Serial #29. Operated by Lamb Air when destroyed by fire on
Dec 09, 1968. Wreckage brought by Superior Airways. Info from
dhc-3 archive web site.

Cessna 180
CF-CJV – Brought as a write off. Infomation from DHC-3 archives - CF-IKT serial #81 history.
CF-DNZ – Brought from Austin Airways after accident at Sudbury. Found in book Austin Airways
CF-DMB - Painted red, white, and black. Only saw a photo of this aircraft. Built 1953.
CF-FYN – This aircraft went though the ice in December 1955. Accident report on file.
CF-HDE – On floats only. Out of Sioux Lookout summer of 1973 - 74. Leased aircraft.
CF-HEQ - Accident Feb 12, 1957 at McKenzie Lake Accident report. Broke a leg.
CF-HVG – Operated in Feb 1974, but can’t ever recall seeing it. Accident report on file.
CF-HZY - Dec 12, 1955 went though ice. Accident report on file.
CF-IRM – Floats and skis. Accident at Kaganagami Lake in Sept. 1970.
CF-ITO – Broken leg Feb 15, 1957. Possibly on wheel/skis. Accident report on file.
CF-IWD- Floats and skis. Flying in the Kenora area today.
CF-IXY - Accident at junction of Ogoki and Dusey Rivers 1966. Accident report on file.
CF-JDH – Floats and skis. Seen at Lac du Bonnet Airport Oct 2019.
CF-JDP – Flew out of Sioux Lookout. Floats and skis. Lost in hangar fire in Ft. William.
CF-JQM - Sioux Lookout based. Severn Enterprise aircraft. Edo 2880 flat top floats.
CF-KHM – Pickle Lake 1974. Joe Leutschaft had operated this a/c in 1972 at Pickle Lake
CF-KJZ – Accident on floats landing at Miniss Lake north of Sioux on Aug 9, 1969
CF-KQP – Red, white and black in colour. Floats and skis.
CF-KVU – Red, white and black in colour. Floats and skis. Flew out of Pickle Lake.
CF-LBR – Sioux Lookout a/c. Purchased 1969. Floats and wheel skis then straight skis.
CF-LBX – Brown or tan in colour. Floats and skis. Seen on wheel skis in photos.
CF-LSN - Spend a lot of time in Big Trout Lake. Severn Enterprise aircraft.
CF-NHL – Overturned while on floats Aug 18, 1961. Accident report on file.
CF-PHL - Leased summer of 1971 on floats. Yellow and white in colour. White floats.
CF-RNF - Based out of Thunder Bay. Wheel skis in winter, floats in the summer.
CF-VGA - Purchased in 1970. Edo float and federal ski. Sioux Lookout based.
CF-VSD – PeeKay 3500 floats and straight skis. White out accident at Wunnumin Lake.

CF-JES - **Found information on this Cessna 180 indicating it was with the company.
Not sure. Photo found on the internet said Superior Airways at Armstrong on floats**.

Cessna 150
CF-VXY – Lakehead Flying School.
CF-WIW - Lakehead Flying School.
CF-XWU - Lakehead Flying School.

Cessna 170
CF-GUG - July 12, 1954 capsized while taxing on floats. Accident report on file.

Cessna 172
CF- SZK - Lakehead Flying School.
CF-VBW - Floats in the summer at Sioux Lookout. Lakehead Flying School in winter.

Cessna 206
CF- E?? – Seen in March 1974 at Sioux Lookout on wheels or maybe wheel skis. Have a photo of it on floats.
Registration not complete. "CF-E--" only.

The DC-3 directory indicates that 15 DC-3 aircraft had operated with the company at one
time or another. Either owned or leased. The aircraft listed below under DC-3 are the
ones that are known to have flown for the company.

Douglas DC-3
CF-ABA – operated by Superior Airways in April 1973.
CF-AOH – Found in the DC-3 directory. Flew for Superior Airways in 1978
CF-AUQ – First DC-3 in the fleet. Operated on wheels and wheel/skis.
CF-BKZ – Takeoff accident in Wiebenville. Went into the trees.
CF-BYK - Airstair door. Gold, black and red stripe. Red tail. White top.
C-FKAZ – Found in the DC-3 directory operated by Superior Airways in 1980.
CF-POY – Found in the DC-3 directory operated by Superior Airways.
CF-TTZ – Into the trees on takeoff at Wiebenville.
CF-XXT – Second DC-3 in the fleet. Written off at Wummumin Lake
C-GRMH – Air Dale aircraft - accident on takeoff at Wiebenville. (may have been flying for Superior Airways ?)
More investigation needed to see who was actually operating C-GRMH when the accident took place.

Beech Baron
CF-FZN - 1964 model operated out of Thunder Bay.

These are all older aircraft that were with the company and have been found through research.
Mainly found in photos, accident reports, on the internet and old magazines.

Noorduyn Norseman
CF-BHV - acquired for parts after burning in Yellowknife Nov 28, 1955.
CF-FCU - serial #837 Superior Airways in April 21, 1954.
CF-FEW – Float and skis. Accident report Jan 1, 1951 while operating on skis.
CF-HFV - serial N29-50. Built from parts. Hangar fire Nov 29, 1957.
CF-HZR - serial #843. Superior Airways then sold to Parsons Airways
CF-JEC - Accident in Sioux Lookout on floats. Serial #469.
CF-PAA - Superior Airways in 1964. Serial #32.

Republic SeaBee
CF-DKR - Photo in book titled Aviation in Thunder Bar
CF-FCD – Now at the Western Canada Museum storage yard. Serial #352
CF-FUA - Accident report Sept 18, 1953 Left wing hit tree taxing Kam River, Ontario
CF-DKU - Accident report Aug 3, 1951 on file.

Cessna T-50 Crane
CF-BLP – Accident in Armstrong April 28, 1948. Operated from 1945 – 51
CF-BTN - Photo in book titled Aviation in Thunder Bay. Accident March 11, 1955

Waco AQC-6, ZQC-6, CJC
CF-BDS - Accident Jan 6, 1951 north of Ft William Engine failure
CF-CCU - Waco ZQC-6 Custom Re-registered CF-ECQ

Bellanca Skyrocket -
CF-EQP - Rebuilt by Superior Airways after accident in Northwest Territories.

Aeronca 7KAC
CF-BKH - Photo in book titled Aviation in Thunder Bay.
CF-DUX – Hit trees on takeoff. Jan 9, 1951 Accident report on file.
CF-IRY – Accident while landing on skis Mar 22, 1957 Accident report on file.

Cessna C-34 Air Master

Cessna C-37 Air Master
CF-BHB – Operated this aircraft from 1939 to 1945. Photo in book Aviation in Thunder Bay.

Lockheed 12A

Vultee BT-13
CF- HJB - stored at St. Andrews airport at WCA Museum.

Stinson Reliant
CF-BAG - Photo in book Aviation in Thunder Bay.

Stinson 108-1 & 2
CF-EYD - Accident Lakehead Airport Jan 2, 1952 Suspect carb icing.
CF-FQU - Capsized while taxing Miminska Lake July 30, 1953. Accident report on file.

Stinson SR10F
CF-FUE – Accident Jan 12, 1953.

Stinson HW-75 Voyager

DH.82C Tiger Moth

CF-NUQ – Photo in book Aviation in Thunder Bay. Lakehead Flying School on fuselage.
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beech 18
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Re: Superior Airways

Post by beech 18 » Sat Dec 07, 2019 3:47 pm

December 07, 2019

Superior Airways / Severn Enterprise operation from the late 1960's to 1974.

This photo was taken in late October 1973 as the sun was coming up at the
Severn Enterprise base in Sioux Lookout. A light dusting of snow that had fallen
overnight can be seen on the ramp, dock and the hill across the bay. There are
no aircraft tied to the main dock. Float season is coming to an end.

The aircraft is Cessna 180 CF-VSD. VSD was based out of Round Lake during the
summer of 1973. It had arrived in Sioux Lookout the evening before after departing
Round for change over from floats to skis.

Freeze up was well underway when VSD left Round Lake. Ice can be seen on the
floats and flying wires. This is the time of year that the water rudder pulleys and
cables on the floats were covered in grease to prevent the steering and rudder
retract cables from freezing. The aircraft elevator hinges were coated in grease
for the same reason.

VSD will be pulled up the ramp and slightly to the right and parked under the A-Frame.
The floats will be removed and skis will be installed for the winter. The Cessna 180
fleet would be back on the ice by the end of November or early December at the latest.

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