Elevators on a cessna

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Elevators on a cessna

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My name is Bill Thompson. I'm from Kitchener, Ontario.
I'm working on the history of Lake Kagianagami, which lies about 75 miles northwest of Nakina, Ontario.
As part of the history, I am researching the airplane crashes on the lake.
According to the research that I've done, there were four.
The first one was on March 12, 1932, when Godfrey Dean, the pilot was killed when his Junkers W.33fi (CF-ASI) crashed on the ice when he was making a delivery to the Hudson Bay Outpost on the lake.
The second crash involved a Cessna 170 that went down on Feb. 22, 1959, but so far I’ve found hardly any information on that crash.I believe that it was a privately owned plane and with it happening on Feb. 22, I am wondering if it had anything to do with the aboriginal population on the lake at that time.
In addition, I’m a little suspicious about the federal government’s “open and transparent” policy on anything, but especially on plane crashes that may have involved any aboriginals or delivery to any aboriginals.
Former Leuenberger Kag Lake manager Jamie Rodda said that he found an airplane part called an “elevator” at the “Kag”. He showed it to Malcolm Leuenberger of Leuenberger Air, and Malcolm thought that it was from a Cessna.
Having said that the Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa has information on the crash, but they’ve written back to me and told me that I will have to file for information on this crash under Canada’s Freedom of Information Act.
Why? I wish I knew.
I have filed for the information under the act.
Now back to my question.
Can a cessna fly without one elevator in the tail section?

Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide>
Bill Thompson
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