Beaver Door Hinges

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Beaver Door Hinges

Post by Nahanni »

I need a picture of the original beaver door hinges that allow removal of the main door. I want to fabricate the same for my sailboat. Can someone help me out and send me a pic or two?

I saw this door and will copy it and put beaver door like hinges so I can have a few door options.

Long live the beaver

David Radford
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Re: Beaver Door Hinges

Post by Meatservo »

I don't have a picture, but you've pretty much got it in the first picture. It's very similar to the gudgeon-and-pintle arrangement on a sailboat's rudder. The upper fitting on the door frame has a pintle that sticks up, and the corresponding fitting on the door has a hole that drops down over the pin. The lower hinge is the opposite- the fitting on the door frame has a hole, and the corresponding fitting on the door has downward-pointing pintle that drops into the hole. So you lift the door to remove it, and drop it onto the hinges to install it.

I'm really curious about this boat you're building. Obviously fabricated from steel, and pretty robust by the looks of it. Ocean-going, clearly.
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