To all the Senior AME.. I need your hepl

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To all the Senior AME.. I need your hepl

#1 Post by shuvodas » Thu Mar 03, 2016 7:08 pm

To all the experienced AME out there. I am 35 and have passion for aircraft. My background is IT but I really want to change it. I have did some research but I still need your help to understand the industry,, the entire licensing process, and at this stage of my life if its a wise decision to start all over again. I did my home work for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course in Centennial College Scarborough campus. Now My question is::
1. First I want a clear concept of E and M rating.
2.In centennial college They offer two different program. a. Aircraft maintenance engineering and B. Avionics Maintenance Engineering. So between two of this which one would be a good choice.
3.Obviously they don't keep a A380 in their hanger to teach their student. So, once i pass the course how do i get the necessary working experience and technical and theoretical knowledge to sit for the AME licensing exam??
4. How hard This AME licensing exam is?? What it covers? Apart from hands on experience is there any books for theoretical question?
4. I understand where ever you work or what ever you do,,, In a job market it all depends on your experience and knowledge. Everybody start from the beginning. From the course to a real hanger as an AME how the entire journey plays off and how long it take??

To all the Senior Aircraft Engineer out there who are working at the moment or used to work,, with all the respect if you guys please help me to understand the entire journey i would be really thankful. I have a huge interest in this field. I know it will be a long shot but before i take any serious decision about my carrier I really need your help to understand if the juice is worth squeezing.

Thank you all for your help..
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Re: To all the Senior AME.. I need your hepl

#2 Post by acidgambit » Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:46 am

Do you have wife and kids? And if so, does your wife work and earn enough to support all of ya?
Once you go for the course and become an apprentice, your wage will be around 15 to 20 dollars a hour for at least 3 years.
And the most important question....Are you willing to work night shift? <----If you say no to this, don't come into aviation. You're going to be miserable as hell.

Should you go for E or M. Depends. Do you like the mechanical side of the plane? or the electronics side?
My opinion is to go for your E first because you can always go for your M license afterwards by doing an ICS course/technical exams.
But if you were to get your M license first and then for some reason realize you like avionics better, you basically have to go back to school again to qualify for your M rating.

Anyways, whole process is like this:
-Go to school for 18 months. (50 percent practical / 50 percent theory) (Schools do have small airplanes in the hangar for you to have touch time on)
-After graduation, look for a job. <----This may be or not be the hardest part.
-After you find a job, you start obtaining all the required experience to fill out your logbook.
-After you filled out your logbook and got at least 2.5 years to 3 years of experience, you may go write your CARS exam. (Air regs exam)
-The exam isn't technical stuff. (You would of wrote your technical exams in school already) Instead the exam is on the regulations of being an AME.
How hard is the exam you ask? Well it depends on if you're good at memorizing stuff, cause that's what it is. A bunch of mumbo jumbo rules that you got to remember for the exam.
It can be very dry material. And yes there is a preparation book that you can buy that'll help with the air regs exam.

Anyways, good luck.

And....the grass isn't always greener on the other side.
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Re: To all the Senior AME.. I need your hepl

#3 Post by blackbird_007 » Fri Apr 29, 2016 2:57 pm

Hi Vodas:

Acid is 100% right. The grass isn't greener on the other side. But seems to me the grass is shinier once you get some sort of aviation certificate on your resume.

Fixing your own aircraft for passion or hobby is so much different than working on commercial aircraft. If you are passionate about aviation, you don't necessarily need to devote 2 years of your life in aviation.
It is not easy to find a job in Canadian aviation industry. I cannot tell you too much about aviation maintenance. I found myself having much better luck outside of the aviation industry after getting some aviation certificate. Many interviewers (outside aviation) give you an interview just seeing the word "airplane" on your resume.
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