Being a team member...

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Being a team member...

#1 Post by PilotDAR » Fri May 06, 2016 8:04 pm

We are an industry, and a team within that industry. Aircraft are maintained airworthy because of experience, knowledge and skill. Everyone would like to have that knowledge and skill, and earn the experince. Mentoring is an important part of that, and a foundation of skilled maintainers. Discussions here can be a part of that mentoring. Albeit a small part part, as it is still an anonymous forum, and worth about what you paid for it. But, I can say that I have met some super people through my participation here, an was really rewarded for making the effort to get to know someone.

We are better because we help each other, and act like a team member, to make aviation safer, and our industry stronger. There are enough impediments to keeping planes in the air, so how nice that so many here can pull together to support the others. For myself, I have been very generously mentored in aviation maintenance over the decades, and to those who mentored me, my thanks! Now, I feel I owe so much back - so I am here, occasionally sharing something I know, and otherwise learning for myself too!

Anyway, my nice though for the evening, after a day of flying, made possible by a maintaner who just took care of it, from a snagged landing gear handle to helping to load ballast. Without that maintaner, the day's flying would have been lost, and the company's objectives set back weeks.

Nice going maintainers! Thanks!
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