"Career" Advice: Structures

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"Career" Advice: Structures

Post by corsair »

Hello All. I am seeking some advice.

I am a Canadian teacher who retired last June. I am presently living in Malaysia. Retirement is not sitting well with me. Thus, I am
thinking about returning to Canada, and attempting to re-enter the aviation industry as a structures technician.

Some background:

I completed the so-called structures program at North Island College in Campbell River, BC. in 2001. At the time, the program was unable
to obtain Transport Canada certification. I was unable to obtain work, and thus, returned to my original profession: teaching. I ended up
working overseas from 2004-2018. Now that I am ready to "come home", I am thinking about retraining as structures technician.

Now, here's the catch: I am now 66 years of age :shock: Regardless, I have lots of energy and enthusiasm. I love being around aircraft.
I simply have too much energy to retire. I know that older workers (60+) are much more common now than 30 years ago. When I was working
as a carpenter, my boss was 80! Just read of a guy who became an engineer at 67. That said, I know that age discrimination is illegal in
Canada, but it's impossible to know what is in an employer's head when he sees an older worker's application.

Incidentally, I also hold a private pilot license.

Thoughts anyone? Feel free to comment on this site, or send an email to cessnaflyer2@hotmail.com.

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Re: "Career" Advice: Structures

Post by Pacqing »

You need to find someone willing to give you a try. I doubt emails or resumes will do you any good, go in person and speak to the shop and tell them who you are and what you want to do. Structures guys are in demand but you usually need experience. Perhaps a big AMO like KF or Cascade would take you in under an apprentiship. You will need to supply your own tools.
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Re: "Career" Advice: Structures

Post by edmanster »

Being a 'tad' into the twilight years myself & having no desire to retire ..
I can relate to you ...
- Experience is important - but the attitude is even more so ..
There are varieties of sheetmetal / structure job variants that you should consider ..
- To maintain a happy & conscientious attitude - naturally picking the most agreeable will go a long way ..
things to consider .. 1/ Do you like climbing & crawling into confined areas .. 2/ Would you feel comfortable working off a lift-stand or situated on the roof of an airliner 3/ prefer a shop job at a bench 4/ Do you get bored quickly & require something new 5/ How do you deal with paint fumes or composite fibers 6/ Does cleaning dirty & oil impregnated areas bother you ? 7/ Does repetitive assembly -line production interest you ?

Presently we are fortunate across the country to have all facets of work type available. From assembly of new parts in a production environment to crawling into the nacelle of some oil-soaked antiquity! Being a bit on the 'seasoned' side .. I suspect working in a shop would best complement you .. rather than swatting mosquitoes attempting to drain you of all your fluids ..

Airlines are good - if your goals are stability and a retirement plan; but have little seniority - working at a bench may be a distant fantasy.
Bush leagues will give you lots of experience & ample infusions of grime, over spray, & pulled muscles - but also interesting days.
Assembly Fabrication will be a clean (usually) bench job .. but quite repetitive .. some people love that ..

I just like to repeat that 'attitude' is what keeps your job; provide you the desire to maintain good work; & feel good about coming to work next day. If you align yourself with dingy workplace, bad associates & tasks you abhor to perform .. the result is clear.

Today .. the jobs are out there .. just find the one that suits you !
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