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Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Association

#1 Post by Horseman » Mon Mar 22, 2004 3:32 pm

GRIFFON advises the following:

There IS just such an organization that is currently a fledgeling without any official representatives as yet, but we're working hard at it... at AC to begin with... it's Called the Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Association (CAMA) Modeled after the AMFA (Aircraft Maintenance Fraternal Association, from the US), and will, in time, be seeking to do exactly as you propose...

Please have a look.... ("" was already used by some agricultural associtaion, so they had to settle for "canama" for the web site)

I have gone to the WEB site: http:\\www.canama and found that it refers to Air Canada issues, can anyone advise whether it also represents, General Aviation as well?

It appears to be a big airline union that only wants to take over from IAM &AW. What is puzzling is that it has a head office in Calgary.

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#2 Post by Mitch Cronin » Mon Mar 22, 2004 4:35 pm

:) As I said, it is a fledgeling organization... At the moment, it is only comprised of people at Air Canada who are fighting to break away from the industrial union that is the IAM. The goals are much greater. If you have an idea of what the AMFA has been accomplishing in the states, you will begin to get an idea of what CAMA members would like to see happening here.

The head office is in Calgary because 2 of it's founders are based in Calgary.
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#3 Post by Horseman » Sun Mar 28, 2004 11:59 am


The message below was sent by Pat, as we were discussing the role of CAMC in Aviation, it appears that they wish to remain netrual on wages and benefits, which is no surprise. In the short term, Pilots and Engineers will still have to rely on their own negotiating abilities, to seek better pay and working conditions. Maybe someday there will be a major shake up in the industry once the baby boomers retire, and there are too few replacments to take their place. I am beginning to like the idea of a National Association to represent Aircraft Maintenance Workers. If there was an industry that needs (a big push) to improve Pay and Benefits, this is it.

Pat Richard wrote:Hey horseman,

I just got back from the AME symposium in Cowtown, and I spoke to one of the camc people about this topic. The individual agreed completly with what has been stated here. That's great, there totally aware of it. They claim they have no means to change this." You can't bite the hands that feed you" is readily apparent here. They did mention that they had recieved a email(I believe yours) from someone with a son employed ,making poor wages, and trying to get by.But again, the're toothless/powerless to induce change.The only goodthing is you can write off the membership dues.
Field aviation was there looking to hire people.But what there offering(AME's) is piss poor. Level 3 engineer was around 22 a/hr, with a level 1 topping out at around 25. They are at least hiring, but when I questioned who was filling out applications, the rep said mostly apprentices. At those wages, I can see why. I think most AME's are tired of stepping sideways or backwards at their own expense.
None of the group I was there with(all employed AME's) considered applying. Why move to make less/ same money, at your expense?.
I have to think back to TCAS's comment about the "industry hanging itself", as that's probably what it's going to take before they instigate change.

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We're on our way !!!!

#4 Post by lazionic » Wed Apr 28, 2004 5:59 pm ... c1734.html

New union would represent Air Canada's aircraft maintenance workers

CALGARY, April 15 /CNW/ - An association of aircraft maintenance
employees at Canada's largest airline wants to create a new union in an effort
to better represent its members.
The Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Association, or CAMA, filed for
certification with the Canada Industrial Relations Board today after obtaining
support from more than half of the aircraft maintenance workers employed by
Air Canada's Line Maintenance (ACM) unit to act as their sole bargaining
The application for certification marks a major milestone in a two-year
member recruitment effort.
If the Canada Industrial Relations Board rules in favour of
certification, CAMA would become the sixth union at Air Canada, representing
more than 1,600 aircraft maintenance workers at airports across Canada.
"Our members feel a new, independent union would better represent their
interests," emphasized CAMA National Director Ken Hickerson. "Aircraft
maintenance workers are true aviation professionals and they play a much
larger role in air travel safety than most people realize. It's about time Air
Canada, the airline industry and the public provided our members the
recognition they deserve, and that's one goal we hope to accomplish with the
creation of this new trade union."
The Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Association is an ambitious,
grassroots, professional Canadian association with no ties to international
labour organizations. The association is founded by and represents employees
who are responsible for the day-to-day flight safety and readiness of Air
Canada's commercial aircraft.

For further information: Ken Hickerson, National Director, Canadian
Aircraft Maintenance Association, (403) 703-6874,
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