Night Rating - You Should Think About It!

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Night Rating - You Should Think About It!

#1 Post by NeckStrain » Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:46 am

~ Good Morning all,

You may remember me from such posts as "I CAN'T LAND A C172" or "I"M LOST - HOW TO READ A VFR CHART" - I started my PPL training in May & recently completed my Night Rating. I just wanted to share with you a brief video of my night x-country to downtown Toronto. Everyone on this board has been so helpful answering my questions, could not have asked for better wingmen / wing woman so hopefully this video and my reasons will inspire someone to pursue their night rating as well.

For everyone considering adding a night rating: My ToP 5 Reasons

1) Night air is stable air - there is very rarely any vertical movement of air at night, flying at night tends to offer stable air, great visibility and amazing scenery.

2) If you live above a certain latitude where daylight hours shrink to an ungodly amount, a night rating maybe the only thing between flying and not flying at all

3) It will make you a better aviator / navigator - my day / night landings have significantly improved by doing the night rating - you become disciplined, a mechanical approach to landings is the best way I found. Hitting certain altitude / distance checkmarks ensures you have a stable approach. Believe it or not my night landings were more likely better than my day landings!

4) You really learn to trust your instruments, a lot of people roll their eyes at good ol' 6 packs, yes, they have their errors, but they actually work really really well if you keep twisting them & at night, they're your best bet for not making a crater.

5) If you have aspirations to pursue a commercial pilot license, x-country PIC hours AT night are golden tickets to gaining that experience. This doesn't mean you have to fly SOLO - but it sure as hell means you can do some of the coolest weekend activities around

BONUS) Safety: Flying x-country (the whole point of flying to be honest) - across vast distances, in a country such as Canada, you do run the risk of encountering some unfavourable weather. Having to divert to possibly unaccommodating air strips / fields to wait the weather out, if you do have "get home-itis" - & the weather is favourable past sunset and you do have a night rating, you can safely fly back home instead of having to spend the night with 3 other guys in a C172.

Hope this encourages someone to get their night rating - it's a whole other world!
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Re: Night Rating - You Should Think About It!

#2 Post by geneticistx » Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:54 am

Im in the terminal stages of my PPL and there are two things I'm going to do right after i get my license are: 1) Night Rating (it gets dark really early in the pacific area) and 2) FAA license so I can rent a plane when I travel. I'm looking forward to the night rating.
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