Canadian Commercial requirements with FAA Private and Instrument

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Canadian Commercial requirements with FAA Private and Instrument

#1 Post by 747-captain » Sat Sep 09, 2017 5:47 pm

Hey Everyone!

Just discovered this great site! I am in the process of completing my FAA Instrument rating in the US and will be moving to Canada shortly. I was hoping you guys could help me with some questions in regards to completing my training in Canada.

After extensive research I found out that my FAA Private and Instrument can be converted to a Canadian "Private with Night Rating" (we don't have a separate night rating in the US) and a Canadian Instrument rating by just passing a written exam. I would like to do my Commercial, Multi and Instructor ratings in Canada.

For the Commercial, the Transport Canada website says 65 hours (35 hours dual /30 hours solo) of training is needed. In addition to the 200 TOTAL, 100 PIC, 20 X-COUNTRY PIC etc. (very similar to FAA commercial requirements, except 250 total under Part 61). It goes on to say that 20 instrument hours may be credited towards the 35 dual.

The FAA requires only 20 hours of training, so it would be very odd if the rest of the training "requirements" in some way cannot be met with other POST-PRIVATE training (when I did my instrument for example). I surely don't want to do 65 full hours of training after doing so many hours already. That would be insane!

I took a relatively long time to get my PPL (about 87 total hours, which include 22 hrs solo PIC and 5 hrs X-country PIC)

I estimate I will have the following for Instrument training:
35 hours instrument flight time
45 hours X-COUNTRY PIC flight time (time building to fulfill the 50hr FAA instrument time building requirements - which includes 10 hours instrument)

So after my instrument I will have complete the following:
50 hrs X-COUNTRY (please note that I will have met all the Canadian Commercial requirements such as the <300NM distance cross country etc.!)
102 hrs PIC TIME (22+30+45)

Am I correct to assume that all I need to get my Canadian commercial would be the following?

15 hours of Commercial instruction (since 20 hrs instrument is credited)
33 hours of solo (or whatever kind of flight time I choose) for "TIME-BUILDING" to meet the 200 total requirement (that is 200 - 167 completed).

Also am I correct to assume that technically, I've met the 30 hr solo requirement (of the 65 hr requirement) because I did all the requirements after completing my private during the 45 hr instrument time building?

Thanks in advance for all the help!!! :)
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