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Foreign Pilot

#1 Post by SA Pilot » Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:45 am

Dear fellow Aviators

I'm a low hour Multi-Engine, IF-Rated, Night Rated Commercial pilot with a "Frozen ATPL" from South Africa. I have dual nationality SA and Netherlands (EU).
Unfortunately the market is very tough, and finding that initial job is very difficult.
And so I have started considering my options to immigrate!
I have always dreamt of flying in the "Great White North". And it is my dream to one day have the chance to fly floats or bush planes in the rockies ( I have no intentions of ever going to the airlines ).

I have done a bit of research with regards to the process that I would have to go through to convert my license and I believe that with the time spent converting my license and after a flight instructors course I meet the minimum requirements ( 8 months ) for a working visa for the same duration as my training. If I extend my working permit I would have to extend my study time (full-time) too (do more ratings etc). And after 1 year on a working visa I would be eligible to apply for permanent residency.

I'm not trying to be unethical or try some sort of scheme to wiggle my way into your country. I am just trying to gain some flight hours and pursue a childhood dream of mine!

My question is if anyone has any experience with this? Or maybe some knowledge as to share?
Any recommended ATO's ( preferably in BC or Alberta ), I would love to fly somewhere that would give me experience in bush flying scenarios ie mountainous terrain, landing on dirt, grass strips etc.

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Fly Safe!
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