Seneca`s Aviation Operations Program and Flight School in GTA

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Seneca`s Aviation Operations Program and Flight School in GTA

#1 Post by Thales Coelho » Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:11 am

Hello all,

Anyone here to share information about Seneca`s Aviation Operations (2yrs) College Program? I`m planning to do this course starting next September, and now looking for more inside information. Quality of the course, the teachers, the program itself. Also, information about schedules, how mutch of your day do this program take, etc.

Also I need to convert my brazilian CPL/ME/IR to canadian one and want to do the Flight Instructor course (I`m already a Flight Instructor in Brazil). Considering I`m looking to rent a basement near the College (Newham Campus), what would be the best flight school option for me. Maybe I will have a car in Canada, not sure yet.

Thaks you all.
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