How do I get a flying job as soon as possible?

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Re: How do I get a flying job as soon as possible?

Post by hairdo »

(first of all no matter what you say people are gonna take it the wrong way)
Of course they will. There are many non-verbal expressions missing in a textual post versus a face-to-face conversion (tone, facial expressions, et cetera). To explain my post, I have simply become tired of the people who offer to work for less than the next guy, just to get in the airplane first (not saying that you are). That was how I read your post, apparently incorrectly. If you are 'willing to do what it takes' in the form of honestly working for your position, I have no beef with you.

I wish you the best of luck with your career.

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Re: How do I get a flying job as soon as possible?

Post by square »

I got into flying for the money. I don't know what you guys are talking about really. It's an occupation, I do it for the compensation, lifestyle and benefits. There's tons of dudes making six figures who've been flying for under ten years. Who are in their late twenties and early thirties. No they didn't make that kind of money initially, they weren't worth it, but they invested their time in the lower ranks so they could benefit from what a senior pilot deserves.

Here's your formula for success,

Take a job at a company where there is on average a quick ramp wait that flies a lot of hours. Work the ramp and keep the operation running smooth. Keep the ramp neat, the coffee full and the planes clean. Do that and your boss will think you're the guy to fly his charters. Bust your rear-end and make that company a lot of money. See that your customers are comfortable and enjoy their flight. Then go get a twin-turbine job at a company with on average quick captain upgrades that flies a lot of hours. Bust the rest of your ends to make that company a lot of money and keep their contracts secure. Then go get your seniority number at the jet job of your choice and watch the bills roll in.
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Re: How do I get a flying job as soon as possible?

Post by Ville »

Thanks for the replies. For sure, all of us are looking to make a living, no question about that. What do you all think about airlines vs bush flying? I know there is a lot more money in airlines, but I figured bush flying would be more interesting and fun. I've also thought about commuters. How is the pay/working conditions for commuter vs bush? Personally I don't see myself getting into major airlines.
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