False log book entries

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Re: False log book entries

#26 Post by complexintentions » Mon Apr 21, 2014 4:06 am

loopa wrote:There's a difference between logging time and logging experience as already mentioned in these boards earlier.

Who would you hire for a B1900 Captain Position? Somebody that logged 10000 hours in the right seat of a 777 airliner sleeping in this bunk for 50% of the logged time, or a 3000 hour guy with northern experience, hands on flying, tough routes, up and down type of flying? Given that both have great personalities.

Ahramin hit the nail on the head.
In your example the pilot with 10,000 hours still has far more experience even sleeping half the time (which they don't), so I would definitely hire him to be my BE1900 captain over the 3,000 hour guy. Except, there are no 10,000 hour wide body FO's looking to be BE1900 captains (they're usually B777 captains in far less than half that time).

When I was flying for 704 ops in Canada I had the same attitude that you do, that no coddled airline pilot could handle "The North Tough Routes" that I was flying. But then I became one of those B777 guys and discovered the overall operation was far more challenging and pressure-filled than anything I had done previously.

I do get your point about relevant operational experience - I expressed it myself earlier - but your scenario is a straw man argument.
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Re: False log book entries

#27 Post by ahramin » Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:39 am

Just watched GATTACA. Good movie.
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