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Re: ACPA Leadership

Post by Dockjock » Thu Dec 04, 2014 2:22 pm

2 weeks have passed and no rebuttals?
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Doug Moore
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Re: ACPA Leadership

Post by Doug Moore » Fri Dec 05, 2014 4:57 pm

Dockjock wrote:Can somebody list the so-called vast quiver of resources that ALPA has? ACPA for it's part has a very good flight safety committee that stages a bi-annual winter ops conference with worldwide attendees, a flight data analysis committee, fatigue safety action group, peer to peer support, group life insurance and other group buying discounts, runs a golf tournament, a hockey tournament, motorcycle ride, several social events across the country, lobbies the Canadian government, and administers our contract on a daily basis from an office that is a 5-minute drive from AC's flight ops headquarters.

ALPA is in Virginia, and we would be 3000 of what, over 100,000 members? It's a good union that ACPA can, should, and does work with on some issues of mutual importance but I just don't see the point in us asking to join. If ALPA came knocking however I'm sure most pilots would listen to their sales pitch at the very least.
ALPA is not a panacea. It is not a White Knight that rides into town solving all your problems. ALPA is a Resource Center. How individual MEC's use the resources available to them is up to the individual pilot groups. If an MEC asks for help, it will get that help but the individual MECs are still responsible for solving their own problems. ALPA has experience, it has depth, it has money, lots of money ... as does Air Canada. Wouldn't ACPA prefer to be on a more equal footing with its employer at the bargaining table? I would suggest that AC pilots owe it to themselves to "listen to their sales pitch at the very least." What have you got to lose?
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