WestJet might as well rebrand itself as Canadian

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Re: WestJet might as well rebrand itself as Canadian

Post by True North » Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:29 pm

complexintentions wrote:
Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:51 am
True North wrote:
Fri Nov 23, 2018 12:30 pm
Obviously you haven't flown on them for a long time. That stopped years ago. You'll have to find another excuse.
The era of Westjet corny nonsense is most certainly not dead. Rode LGW-YVR in Sept-Oct with whatever they call their cabin manager maintaining an excruciating, non-stop, non-funny, quite frankly bizarre attempt at humour the Whole. Damn. Flight. Just randomly on the PA rambling on about utter shite. I swear to God he thought he was the next coming of stream of consciousness humour but it was just terrible. People muttering "just shut UP", over and over.

Had his mother on board apparently, don't know if that aggravated things. But even with my somewhat high tolerance for the weird, this was over the top.

Young, very tall guy with beard and glasses.

My first and last time on WS's international ops.

And I WANTED to like it.
I've done 8 flights on WJ this year, 2 were to Europe on the 67 and the rest were to the US and back. Didn't hear one joke.
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Re: WestJet might as well rebrand itself as Canadian

Post by complexintentions » Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:05 am

Good for you. Guess I was just unlucky - got the "broken condom" flight! :mrgreen:

You've just helped to highlight why it's important to not completely turn off your pax - it may be your first, only, and as a result of guys like that senior spewing non-stop nonsense into the PA - last chance to make an impression.
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