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Re: Sunwing hires Swoop

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Yes either A) Day 1er who has made his millions and WJ can do no wrong B) management C) and my guess: an office person who couldn’t see it from a pilots POV if he tried.

Regardless , his views are the minority / skewed to say the least. But.. there always has to be 1 right?

It doesn’t really matter . We are making progress regardless. It’s just an uphill battle due to people with his mindset . I’ll give him credit - he’s a formidable foe on these message boards. Lesser minds might actually
Believe some of his propaganda :smt040
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Just callin it like it is.

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Re: Sunwing hires Swoop

Post by cloak »

mbav8r wrote:
Fri Oct 11, 2019 11:43 am
You should know you’re working for the airline the started the race to the bottom in Canada, 55/hr for 737 Captain, you should be ashamed, furthermore Rouge was handed down in arbitration and the Contract was based on the WJ pilots contract at the time, thanks for all you’ve done for the industry.
Also, your market share has not increased or changed significantly in quite some time, good luck with the world domination, based on past performance, you’ll need it!
P.S. you should cut back on the koolaid, you come across as a fervent cult member, seems like you’ve bought into every single buzz word and hype peddled your way!
You have a valid point of course. In addition to your assertions, it is also fair to observe that poor conditions at Encore put pressure on Jazz, Sky and Porter, and inception of Sky put pressure on Jazz, and Jazz B757 flying sealed the fate of Skyservice, and Air Canada played a role in some of those plus bankruptcy of Canadian and Canada 3000, etc. To varying degree, all have contributed to the state of the industry.
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Re: Sunwing hires Swoop

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Some get more credit than others...
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