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BAE 146

#1 Post by EPR » Tue Nov 03, 2015 2:12 pm

BROKEN WINGS -‘The full and never told story of the BAe 146 airliner’

'Broken Wings' is the story of the commercial jet aircraft known as the BAe 146/RJ, which was manufactured by British Aerospace until 2002. This documentary explores the history of the aircraft and story of the health and safety issues that lie hidden behind the controversy that made the aircraft become the subject of an Australian Senate Investigation and part of what many call aviation’s biggest cover-up.

David Learmount - Safety Editor - Flightglobal:
"This film tells the truth about an ugly face of an industry I love and admire. My only regret is that, in a mere 50 minutes, viewers cannot be shown more of the human detritus that this industrial denial has created, and more of which, as a result of corporate fear and societal inertia, it continues - potentially - to create."

'The aviation industry is now in the same position as the tobacco industry was when it was bought to book. Both these industries have traded people's health and safety for profit and now the aviaiton industry is at the end of it's tobacco road.' David Learmount - Safety Editor - Flightglobal: Broken Wings


Running time: 52 minutes
For all other information go to:

CNN upon winning the 2010 Business Traveller journalism award for their toxic air story using Fact Not Fiction Films footage reported that 'the piece gripped the judges who described it as "an international scoop... a very strong story, and one that could and should be picked up by the wider media."

Further documentaries: Angel Without Wings , Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines

Media articles & clips: GCAQE , Aerotoxic Association
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Re: BAE 146

#2 Post by pelmet » Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:41 pm

I have heard about the 146 problems, does this apply to the ARJ as well, as I think we have a few in Canada.
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Re: BAE 146

#3 Post by plhought » Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:01 am

It's mostly a problem with the older Garret GTCP36-100 APU's. Now most 146's have -150's in them. There's been a plethora SB's and such issued since the mid 80's to 'address' this. Catalytic converters, mods to the APU etc. The -150 introduced in 1993 has an integrated oil ejector system in it that pretty much eliminates the risk of oil contaminating the bleed supply.

90% o fAvro's have a Sundstrand APU.

I'm skeptical of the aerotoxicity BS anyways. You're worse off breathing exhaust fumes downtown nowadays.
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