EVA Air Taiwan request for information

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EVA Air Taiwan request for information

#1 Post by minute » Tue Jan 19, 2016 1:33 am

Good day,
I am about to have an interview with EVA air based in Taiwan and would like to obtain more information about the company and working condition. Anybody would be currently working for this airline or have some information about it (more than wikipedia and company website). It is ok to contact my PM if you prefere.
Thank you very much for your help.
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Re: EVA Air Taiwan request for information

#2 Post by jpilot77 » Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:47 am

I would post this question over on Pprune, you'll get more results than on here about Far East airlines.
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Re: EVA Air Taiwan request for information

#3 Post by fruitloops » Fri Jan 22, 2016 9:26 pm

http://www.airlinepilotforums.com/forei ... rways.html
http://www.pprune.org/south-asia-far-ea ... aiwan.html
https://www.aviationinterviews.com/inde ... ys-74.html

here's a couple of important exerpts- some are old
Dear Gents and Ladies,

As promised here are the outlines of the draft contract for FO´s that I received during my october screening at EVA:

1. Salary during training:
- NT$ 137,000 non-typed
- NT$ 139,000 A320/F100/B717 Captain
- NT$ 141,000 A330/B744/B777/MD11 typed

2. Salary after training (from first operational flight):
- NT$ 188,000 non-typed
- NT$ 190,750 A320/F100/B717 Captain
- NT$ 193,500 A330/B744/B777/MD11 typed

This includes Basic Monthly Salary, Duty Allowance and Incentive Flying Allowance (75 hours guaranteed), overtime pay in excess of 75 hours. No per diems included AFAIK.

3. Accomodation provided at company facilities

4. 8 block days off per month, or 16 per 2 months (sick days reduce the days off in a pro-rata basis by the way...so if half of working days sick during one month then you´ll get only 4 days off)

5. Annual leave (entitled to after "turning point", which is 3 months after first operational flight)
- 22 days for first 3 years
- 25 days for years 4-5
- 29 days for years 6-9
- then +1 day for each year so forth after 10 years of employment

6. Travel benefits
- 1 free ticket per year for pilot+dependants on EVA´s network (economy)
- ID90 and ID75 tickets (economy)
- It doesn´t show on the draft contract, but I´ve been told that pilots and dependants are also entitled to ZED tickets on other partner airlines

7. Medical leave 30 days per year

8. Medical insurance
- covered by national health insurance, but employees are responsible for 30% of the premium and some other service fees
- family is subsidized for 70% premium up to US$ 200/month

9. Accident insurance up to 45 months´ salary

10. Loss of license subject to most updated Loss of License Insurance Policy (sorry, don´t know what this means!), covered from first operational flight up to 55 years of age

11. Training bond
- 4 years
- US$ 60,000
- same for all fleets

12. Taxation 13-21% subject to nr of dependants and pay

13. Pension subject to ROC Labor Standard Law (again, I have no idea what this is!)

14. Probation 6 months

There should be also an yearly bonus equivalent to roughly one month´s salary, but again this isn´t written on the draft contract.

when you commute on your days off, u will have a reserved seat, if space you will go business class, if not in economy. Most crews let u use the crew
Dormitory life is what you make of it, Nankan is not a bad suburb to be in, Taiwan as a country has alot to see, so get out of Tai Pei and see it!

Interview is pretty standard airline stuff, as is the sim, the whole process takes 5 days, as 2 days is medical( tough to pass).

I am x EVA, so i could be wrong but plan on taking home $6000 US a month as a F/O.

Bond is about 4 years.

You dont have to commute, you can live locally and Eva will pay your rent, so will suit some with families.

I think time to command now is about 7 years, which is not bad.

I left Eva to join the corporate world, met some good people there, and did some good flying.

Enjoy the interview there, its a 5 day holiday, its a good way to see if its what you want.

Eva is still recruiting.
A/C type rating is not required but handy for the selection process.
A/C types you will get onto are the 744, A332/3.
Starting salary around the US$6k mark.
You pay Taiwan tax which nets out at around 14%.
You pay National health which is very reasonable and very good.
You get a smallish bachelor pad which is in a building on the premises,it's called the pilots dorm.
You pay nothing for utilities, rent, or cable TV plus internet which is top class is also free.. The rooms are serviced around once in 10 days.
Laundry machines and dryers are on each floor (14), they are free.
There is a 7/11 on the site all simulators are on site and all transport to the airport etc. is supplied.Swimming pool and gym.
Possibility for promotion for F/O's is as good as any regular airline. However it must be understood that a locals seniority starts from the first day he does a ground school as a newborn.
So if you join on the same day as his first ground school then you will be the same seniority throughout your career here.Your hours will count until he catches up.
Upgrades are on the following fleets at present.
ATR72 around 3 years. A321 around 4/5 years. and the rest 6 years and up. The Japanese expats have in some cases been upgraded in in less than 3 years on the ATR fleet.
T and C's... US$3 per hour away from base. Guaranteed flying hours 75 and Overtime paid after this.
Days off you can choose between Block days off 8 per month or normal days off. You will not be penalized either way. Annual leave 22 days. Annual sick leave 28 days no penalties.
If you move your family to Taiwan you will receive rental allowance dependent on your needs.
Eva has hired around 150 expat F/Os over the last 18 months or so! Plus all the local F/Os are coming online on a regular basis.
SNY (jump-seat) travel is allowed and travel perks are quite good, also ZED travel is used on a bunch of other airlines.
Everybody gets either a bicycle, scooter or old banger to get around. Busses to Taipei city are regular and cheap.

Dear Ladies and Gents,

My apologies for the delay in posting my recent interview experience with EVA, but here it goes.

Travelling to Taiwan:

EVA will fly you on their acft for free from any of the cities they operate. In my case I flew from LAX to TPE. They´ll issue an Economy Deluxe ticket, which is just slightly better than the normal economy seat (sorry no C-class). The cost of flying from your home country / base to an EVA destination is on you for which the company will "reimburse" you up to NTD 10.000 (around USD 300) in cash when you arrive in TPE. In my case it costed me around USD 2.000 to get to LAX, so quite a high cost and investment in order to get to the screening.

After arriving in TPE you´ll have to take a cab to EVA´s head quarters which will cost you around USD 10-15. Cab drivers speak very basic if any english so be sure to print the map sent to you by EVA´s HR. It will have the directions written both in English and Chinese.


You´ll be placed in EVA´s pilot quarter building in a semi-hotel like small apartment which is located within the EVA training / operations / HR / Management complex. Overall quite organized, but do not expect anything very fancy or luxurious, afterall despite beeing a different country, it´s very China-like (for those familiar with the country you´ll know what I mean). The room will be OK for a 5-day stay, having internet and even a basic in-house Gym. So in terms of accomodation keeping a low expectation will result in no disappointment. In terms of eating, EVA has their own restaurant and cafeteria, but I always went out for luch and dinner as across the street there´s a reasonable little mall with a few Thai, Indian, Italian, Japanese, German and Local cuisine restaurants and these are not very expensive. EVA will pay for your breakfast and lunch only at their restaurant, but again based on my experience with Chinese Cuisine I didn´t care to use this "benefit". If you´re like me and have strict diet requirements and healthy eating habits, I recommend bringing your own cereals, bread, fruit bars, supplements, etc, as these items are not easy to find around there.

Overall as far as the company and it´s infrastructure is concerned I admit I was positively surprised and EVA seems quite organized (again, I´m comparing it to China and South America).

The screening:

First day starts with the SIM assessment. Done in the B747-400 and lasts around 45 minutes only. If you´re rated on it they´ll expect you to know the acft, if you´re not don´t worry as they´ll go through a short 30 minutes briefing before the assessment covering basic stuff such as pitchXpower, engine out procedures, how to read the B744 PFD and basic acft handling. Use your current company´s callouts and SOP´s if you´re rated. If not, I strongly recommend taking a look at the B747-400 FCTM at least. You´ll have an experienced EVA FO seating on the left seat and he will probably be always ahead of you so a big help...use him as your friend and be sure to communicate clearly.

SIM profile will be a normal take off and climb straight ahead to 3000´ AT and FD on, no AP. Clean up, accelerate to 250kt. You´ll then disconnect the AT and turn the FD off and will do 1000´/min climbs and descents, accelerate to 280kt, normal and steep turns (read the FCTM)...all in manual (AP, FD and AT off). After they´re satisfied with your basic handling skills you´ll be placed in the downwind leg for a visual landing...no tricks and no 30kt crosswinds as the Chinese airlines like to do. No take off or approach briefings are required, but remember to ask for the normal check lists and do your callouts.

A second normal take off with vectors for an ILS low visibility. Again no tricks, straight forward manual ILS approach with FD on. Full stop landing.

A third take off with a V1 cut of an outboard engine. At 400´ and when stable they´ll freeze the SIM and put you in an intercept heading for a final landing, again no AP / AT but with FD on. That´s it, very straight forward standard SIM assessment. BUT, I think it is the most important part of the screening. Overall a very relaxed, professional and pleasant atmosphere during the whole SIM and you´ll get notified if you pass or not right after...no waiting and biting your fingernails in your room!

In the afternoon you´ll do a tech exam with 50 questions covering general ATPL knowledge. A lot of WX related stuff, so study your METAR and TAF codes well. Apparently this test hasn´t been updated or checked very thoroughly so you´ll notice a few wrong answers at the end when you return your papers and it gets checked. I´m pretty sure I got way over 90% correctly, but ended up with a mere 82% success...due to these wrong answers, so if you feel wronged and injusticed it´s up to you either to argue or not with the HR people monitoring the test (remember they´re not pilots and probably will not understand half of what you´re talking about anyway). The minimum for a pass is 70%, so in my case, as I didn´t see any point in arguing, I just disregarded the obvious typos and errors in the test and pretended I was happy with the result.

On the second day you´re in for the interview. A 3-man panel with 2 pilots from management and someone from HR. First a 5 min personnal introduction, then the questions start coming. Again, if you´re rated you´ll be asked question about the B744, if not they may ask something about the acft you´re currently operating so be prepared. I´m rated and was even asked quite detailed questions about my previous types (A320)! Be prepared to answer questions about limitations, SOP´s (widshear, GPWS, TCAS and emergency descent maneuvers), as well as acft general system knowledge.

Additionally to these subjects above, my tech interview was heavily based on other issues like RNAV, RNP, CAT 2, Oceanic Ops, RVSM contingencies (WX deviations and emergencies), GO / NO-GO decisions (RTO), pilot incapacitation, weather radar operation. All these were asked from me and as far as I know from the other candidates as well. I strongly recommend studying well your current FCTM, FCOM, FOM and SOP´s as well as general ATPL subjects (and for those already asking...NO I don´t think ACE will be enough unless you already master all above mentioned knowledge). At the end they may ask you what you know about the company, so here´s your chance to make an impression! They even asked me what type I would like to be placed in (in order of priority) and when could I start.

You´ll be notified early in the afternoon if you passed the interview and if positive, you´ll have an ICAO english test, regardless of already having the endorsement on your license. Very straight foward and standard test / interview lasting around 45 minutes.

On the last 2 days you´ll go for the Taiwanese Aviation Medical, which is quite thorough. It will start early each the morning. The first day will be long and you´ll be off after 5pm, and on the second day around noon. The schedule will naturally depend a bit on how many candidates will be doing the exams, but this is pretty close to what you should expect. The medical will be held at the Taiwan International Airport, which is in downtown Taipei, so a good chance to visit the city after you´re done on the second day! EVA will drive you there each morning, but the return to the company´s quarters will be at your own expense either by bus (cheap) or taxi (around USD 30). I chose the latter is it was much faster, but public transportation seemed quite decent and organized (good subway system by the way in my opinion). For those wondering...the Taiwanese Authorities accept LASIK without restrictions...I asked at the Hospital during my eye exams as there´s a thread on PPRuNe regarding this issue with Asian carriers, and I thought it would be nice to know anyway.

I did my screening back in the beginning of october, and so far not a word from EVA regarding course dates or medical results. HR did indeed mention to us during the screening that recruitment would be slowing down towards the end of the year and that at the time EVA didn´t have an exact course date set yet...maybe november or december the earliest.

Regarding the contract´s terms and conditions, what we received was a very basic draft contract which has already been discussed here at PPRuNe, but one thing I think is worth mentioning...training bond is 4 years and USD 60.000. Now, we all know you can get a full B744 TR at Lufthansa in Frankfurt for a third of that price, and training is done in-company at EVA (no high training costs, so not sure why such a high bond), so it´s up to each man to decide whether it´s worth signing the contract or not. But remember, you´ll get a SIC restricted Taiwanese license which AFAIK is not very well accepted by foreign Civil Aviation Authorities around the world. Just something to think about.

As soon as I receive the full details of the contract I will be sure to post them here (if I get an employment offer naturally).

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