Georgian and foreign pilots

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Re: Georgian and foreign pilots

#26 Post by Sbull9356 » Sun Jul 17, 2016 8:33 pm

munzil wrote:
slob driver wrote: As well, if Georgian is filling pilot seats on the rj to circumvent paying a better wage through bringing in pilots from other countries, than that is a serious problem for the piloting profession in Canada as well, and needs to be stopped.
I am aware of Georgian hiring practices and I know nothing of any hiring of pilots currently that are not Canadian. Specifically all the recent first officer hires there I know now are fully 100% canadian citizens aside from one PR.

In terms of your question can Canadian pilots work in NZ and Australia temporarily. Absolutely. There have been a number of programs to allow pilots to come work - one in particular a few years back where a large amount of South African pilots came to Australia when they opened up because of a shortage - this was also open to Canadians but Qantas et al specifically targeted frustrated south african pilots

Secondly if you are under 30 there is the working holiday program. A number of canadian pilots are working under that scheme in both countries. ... -visa.aspx

Thirdly, not recipricol per se, but there are also many Canadians working all over the world flying Canadian aircraft and locally registered. Maldives, Antarctica, China, Africa, Middle East, Indonesia etc etc.

I wouldn't hesitate to state that the opportunities for Canadians to fly overseas are far greater than than the opportunities for foreigners to fly in Canada.

Far far greater.
Have had that experience, in Australia, Applied for FO spot. Had well above the minimum requirements
Got thru the initial application registered stage and got into second round of interview had all of my references checked Received a start date.
Maybe 2 weeks into it I received a retraction letter in that all they said sorry "due to unforeseen circumstances we had to put my file on hold" so off to holding file for future opening. I Was gutted!!! Later I found out from a mate of mine who was in the company they've just hire whole bunch of South African Pilots. That's according to mate of mine but not sure what the real story is.

But that's how life is... Life gives you lemon you make A lemonade....and move on ....try your luck some where else...
Never Give up!!!!
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