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Re: Canadian Pilot Unity

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 3:57 pm
by Goldencondor
teacher wrote:
Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:41 pm
Full disclosure, I went to AC on PML 1.0 and have no skin in this game.

Having said that in my MANY years at Jazz I heard A LOT of ridicule about AC and the Canadian merger, the "lawsuit" and ACPA screwing others to better itself and how in the end it ended up sinking the whole industry. Now the Jazz pilots have a chance to do something different. Remember this:

1) GGN is not bankrupt and as far as anyone knows this was a negotiated agreement as GGN did not want to deal with a union.
2) GGN pilots are bringing THEIR planes to Jazz. More planes, more positions and more pilots. Will anyone actually be affected by DOH compared to no planes and no pilots coming over? Sounds like almost a wash to me.
3) Don't think those planes are GGN's? Ask a non PML Air Canada guy who they think Jazz's jets ACTUALLY belong too.
4) There is no pilot shortage in Canada. Just look at ACs ground schools when Jazz said "stop hiring from us" a while back. TRANSAT, SUNWING, WESTJET and ENCORE along with military and corporate pilots filled the ground schools with ease.
5) Jazz does not hold the money bag. AC does. If you want more from Jazz than they must get more from AC. Will AC pony up?
6) Has an arbitrated settlement ever benefited a pilot group in Canada? Ever?
7) 400 new hires a year at AC. In less than a year any changes to the seniority list will be absorbed and gone. Enough said.

I for one have always believed that pilots in Canada deserve more. Across the board and especially in the junior ranks. However because of the way our industry is structured we have limited power. Like it or not those are the facts. Before voting think hard. Is no deal better? Is trying to go head to head with AC again worth it? Do you really think you can do better? A wise pilot once told me "you don't get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate." If you think you can negotiate more GO FOR IT! If you don't realistically think if it is worth the risk of no deal?

This is all for you and you alone to decide. If I were at Jazz still I'd seriously be thinking of long term stability, pilot unity, getting rid of another CPA provider and getting a REAL PML to get things moving. I do agree the money could be better in the lower levels but not sure what can be done and where it would come from.

Good luck folks!

CR will not be taken hostage. And there is lots of time until 2025 for him to activate a plan B with minor to no disruption. Jazz is well positionned in the market but does not own the flying. And i agree aswell money could be better to the bottom scale.

Re: Canadian Pilot Unity

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 4:38 am
by confusedalot

30% say screw the other guy and 70% say let's figure this out. According to the poll at least.

Seems to me that the 30% usually, but not always, get their way?