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Winning career on display here ---

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CBC Hysteria aside -- I'd hate to have a job that involved me systemically lying to customers. As I haven't had a so called job in eons, maybe it's totally common, and if so -- rather sad.

Eons ago as a young man I was in sales. Occasionally a boss would encourage me to lie to make a sale. I told him to get lost, in not so many words. No job is worth sacrificing ones character. But that's me. People do what they will do, at the lowest common denominator.

....anyway here it is in all it's overblown hysteria.

Air Canada employee says staff trained to 'dupe' passengers at risk of being bumped from oversold flights

This former Air Canada ticket agent who worked at the check-in counter says he was trained to mislead passengers into thinking they had seats on oversold flights and to send them through to the gate.

A pair of Air Canada insiders are shedding light on the airline's policy of overselling flights, revealing what they say is a widespread practice of duping passengers into believing they have a seat on a plane and stringing them along until the last possible moment.

"It's never fun to have to lie to people," said the former customer sales and service agent, who worked at Air Canada's check-in counter at Vancouver International Airport for several months before quitting just over a year ago.

"I had to tell people over and over again that they were gonna get on the plane, when I knew that they might not."

"I say to the new hired agents, 'You can't put up with confrontation all day long. If someone has 'GTE' [for "gate"] on their boarding pass, it means they don't have a seat. But if you explain that to them, they'll get upset. So just send them to the gate,'" he told Go Public.

"I train people to dupe passengers."

The day he spoke with Go Public, he said he'd pointed dozens of Air Canada customers to a gate knowing they didn't have a seat.

CBC has agreed not to identify the current and former Air Canada employees because doing so could jeopardize their current employment.
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Re: Winning career on display here ---

Post by porcsord »

My favourite Air Canada ruse is their flexible date booking. You can select flexible dates, get cheaper tickets then get all the way to the end to see a message "Something went wrong please contact us at XXX-XXX-XXXX". Then after spending 45 minutes with a lady, she quotes you 40% more than the website.

As an example, I recently tried to book over to Hanoi, the website quoted me 1200 return, the CSR came up with 1700, but that was because of the Seoul-Hanoi leg, and they can't guarantee price because it's not their airline, so I asked to be booked just to Seoul, because, obviously that would be cheaper than the original 1200 quoted because it's entirely on Air Canada aircraft. The CSR then informed me that it would be 1500. The next day, ticket prices online were back down to 1200. Same thing happened, this time I was told I didn't select seats quick enough, and the flights must have been sold out... when I was selecting seats there were 100's available.

Just show me the god damn price, and I will book.

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