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Jetsgo Bond

#1 Post by Panama Jack » Thu Apr 22, 2004 4:57 am

There are a lot of flames and myths going around about the bond required at Jetsgo, and not many people have ponied up to the bar to clarify. I clipped the following from the Airline Employee Forum posed by member deltaV which hopefully gives a better idea of what's going on at the green team:
. . . . Jetsgo pilots pay a training bond that is reimbursed ,with interest, over two years. Many companies worldwide require a type endorsement before a pilot's resume is even looked at. What is unusual is any company that provides the pilot with the means to recoup his investment by a show of loyalty in a two year stint. Say what you will, but no one "buys" a job at Jetsgo. The desks are piling over with resumes from very high time pilots from all over the world, and yes even from Jazz and AC. Background checks and internal recommendations are required and, if anything, greater care is taken to weed out the Riff Raff than at some companies precisely to guard against those who would simply send a certified cheque stapled to their resumes. We have hired a few 3000hr pilots into the right seat, but the left seat upgrades have all been oustanding pilots who shined both in the Sim and on extensive L/Indoc (from personal experience with these guys). Their backgrounds included: 767,757,737,A310,A320,Dash 7,8,Be1900(yes),Auroras,Griffons,Tutors and so on. . . . .
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