Are schools seeing increased interest?

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Are schools seeing increased interest?

#1 Post by ShawnR » Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:19 am

I was just looking at some of the job postings and noticed a full time position for 2 Class 4 or higher instructors. First impression is they moved on as the market is proving that the demand is there for pilots with x hours and experience....

Visiting this site regularly, I see questions from aspiring students or pilots to be but I am wondering if, generally speaking, are the private schools and colleges seeing increased interest in their programs? Is the word getting out to kids who never would have considered a flying career (or related ) that the market is good and an opportunity is there for them?

Go to any flight club (not that I have the opportunity but from the images in COPA), the general aviation field is mostly older fellas (of which I am becoming, before anyone jumps on me for that comment... ) These guys (and girls) come from, perhaps a career in the field, so where will GA be in a few to many years? As with most volunteers, it is our seniors that have the time so are often the face of the social aspect of various fields. Perhaps it is misleading. With our one local club, I would venture to say (guess) that 70% is over 50. Most likely financical reasons....

But the point of this post is the there an increased interest in pilot programs from say 5 years ago? Is enrollment up? Any schools closing down? Any new schools starting up due to demand? Our area has one waiting on paperwork to get going.

I was curious if the word is getting out to those that are not already in the field in one form or another.

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