A downloadable copy of the Aviation Standards ?

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Gilles Hudicourt
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A downloadable copy of the Aviation Standards ?

#1 Post by Gilles Hudicourt » Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:13 am

As aviation professionals, we are expected to abide by the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) and the Standards, when applicable. We learn them, and they are built into our company procedures and manuals so normally, if one follows company procedures, one complies with the CARs. However, it still sometimes happens that we need to consult the CARs.

That is why I have a pdf copy of the CARs on my tablet, that I keep with me at all times and that I sometimes consult. It is available for download here :


But in addition to complying with the CARs, one also has to comply with all Aviation Standards. But although the Standards are available on the Transport Canada website here:

https://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/acts-regulatio ... 96-433.htm

I was unable to find any copy of the Standards in pdf format that I could download onto my tablet and consult when I am either in the aircraft or somewhere where I do not have access to the Transport Canada Website.

Anyone know how to get a copy ?
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Re: A downloadable copy of the Aviation Standards ?

#2 Post by opera » Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:45 am

Edited - wrong PDF. :oops:
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