Any Caravan EX drivers out there?

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Any Caravan EX drivers out there?

Post by Maynard »

Looking for some real world stats on the EX on floats.
Please send a PM.

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I guess I should write something here.
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Re: Any Caravan EX drivers out there?

Post by Up_Then_Down »

Hey! I drive one on floats PM me.

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Re: Any Caravan EX drivers out there?

Post by DHC2eater »

It's been a few years.....but.....simply put.....

Arguably the fastest thing on floats.......

Huge deep V floats that really cut the rough water and draw a good 3-4 feet of water so careful where you go!

Uses lots of water to get airborne!

Generally it's just a large Cessna 206 and performs similarly on takeoff

Huge float compartments but minimal pax comfort !🤣

Nice modern avionics set up!

Propane and 45's are hard on the Cessna interior!

Comes from the factory with a PT6 so how can you go wrong!

Overwing refuelling which is a issue on amphibs or around the dock unless you install single point refuelling's great!

Lots of power on takeoff so like most float planes, wants to go left coming onto the set and the rudder is small so get on the right rudder sooner than later!

It's more of a handful for one guy to handle around the dock than the nonEX!

I like it!

That's all I can come up with for now!

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