Tips Wanted: Moving to Australia as a low time CPL

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Tips Wanted: Moving to Australia as a low time CPL

Post by hangar3 »


I am nearing the completion of my CPL, with ~180TT. I am planning to obtain my IFR and Multi soon, then I'd like to join my significant other in Australia.

Should I try and get my first job here or in Australia?
Does anyone have any experience flying in Australia? What is the market like for a low time CPL?

I appreciate any feedback!
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Eric Janson
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Re: Tips Wanted: Moving to Australia as a low time CPL

Post by Eric Janson »

I guess the first thing you would need is the right to work in Australia.

Once you have that you will need the Australian Licences.

Neither are easy - I've met quite a few people doing their PR (Permanent Residency) and it sounds like a real nightmare.

It can be done - a colleague emigrated with his family in 2004 (they'd been working on this for several years prior) - he's now 787 TRE at Jetstar.

They have some strange rules - they use numbers like you would use them in normal conversation - so flight XXX31 is "XXX thirty one" to ATC.

They also require a STAR to be filed if arriving IFR. The problem is that the airway we are on doesn't connect to one - so how are we supposed to file one? I've had a Brisbane controller rudely ask us "Are you not capable of flying a STAR?" - just one guy. Normally we request direct the IAF for the active runway and everyone is happy.

That said it's a lovely country with great people - wish I'd discovered it 20 years ago.
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