Sort of off topic advice, but not really

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Sort of off topic advice, but not really

#1 Post by outflying8 » Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:25 am

Hey you classy folks!

I am in a bit of a conundrum. I am still awaiting a call for the upcoming training classes (fingers crossed) which I understand they will be beginning to extend offers any day now, my problem is this:

I am a university student (3 classes this term) and just started about a month ago working a sales job at a car dealership to earn extra cash for my wife's and I's upcoming first child (due in June!) Problem is I already feel a little stretched out time-commitment wise. If i get offered a training spot I want to devote an exorbitant amount of time studying the prep material to ensure that come day 1 I know this stuff inside and out. I refuse to fail any aspect of this dream job of mine. So logically I can only see that I have these options (if you can think of another please let me know):

A) Quit my dealership job (only been here 6 weeks) and focus on my university and knowing the prep material in and out before training. (this means no more income until training starts)

B) Drop my 3 classes and focus on work and studying for the training until 2 weeks before training when I quit the dealership anyways. (I would lose out on all the work I have done thus far, and would have to start repaying student loan in 6 months, and I would lose the $$ paid in tuition for the semester).

C) I have the option of working on my in-laws farm as a truck/equipment driver, I could do that and have time to study in the evenings, they would probably also work around my schedule.

D) Maintain status quo and try not to burn out with my 50 hour work week, 3 classes, prep studying for the training, and any small resemblance of a social life I can cling to

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!!!

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Re: Sort of off topic advice, but not really

#2 Post by RBeans » Fri Feb 24, 2017 8:07 pm

So first off I would wait for the actual offer to make any big decisions, but hopefully you should know about that early next week. I believe we also have to pass a medical (?) before we are actually accepted so may want to wait until you know 100% you are in before going to crazy.

As far as your classes go, if the ATC course starts in May will you be able to finish the courses? If the semester ends late May and the course starts early May (I don't know when just hypothesizing here) then you probably can't finish the courses anyway so may as well drop them. If you can finish them will you be at the point where you can get a degree out of it or will you still have another semester or more to go anyway? That may make your decision easier. This is a tough call to make, it would be a shame to throw away your work on those courses if you do have the option of finishing them but I think your financial situation will dictate what you need to do.

As far as the jobs go I would do whatever makes you more money in the time period before the course starts, whether that be driving truck or working at the dealership.

Personally, assuming I could finish the courses before ATC training starts I would probably do option D and get rid of the social life....with ATC training and a baby on the way you way as well give up on that anyway ;) I've worked and gone to school full time before with other commitments in the mix as well and it isn't ideal but it is doable. That being said I did all that without having a family to worry, and I was able to work mostly evenings and weekends around my school schedule, so my situation certainly doesn't mirror yours.

Whatever you decide good luck! Trying to plan your life with little to know information on what may happen is great eh?
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