Overhead at YXL...

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Overhead at YXL...

Post by Doc »

Okay, I know we've hit on this many times, but I've started informing YXL that I'll call on base (left or right) rather than overhead. I figure, if they want me to go overhead, they'll make some comment? I've always considered going overhead a total waste of time, and it's not a good idea for everybody to meet mid-downwind? Am I going to get my "peepee" slapped for this? I'm talking VFR here...but you know that.
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Post by JustVisiting »

From which direction are you approaching YXL/joining the circuit?

Where you decide to join the circuit for the active at an MF would depend only on the direction you are approaching from and the other traffic already established. Regardless of where you join, there is the same potential for conflicts with other aircraft already in the circuit (ie final from base or from straight-in).

The required transmissions can be found below. Note that reporting overhead and base is not required and increases frequency congestion, most notably in the summer (unless you were joining straight-in base or conflicting). YXL FSS can't and won't make you do anything as they're an advisory service only. With that said, they are more than happy to let you hang yourself, especially if they are being watched over on that day!

RAC 4.5.7 Arrival (CAR 602.101)

(A) Report before entering the MF area and, where circumstances
permit, shall do so at least five minutes before entering the area,
giving the aircraft’s position, altitude and estimated time of
landing and the pilot-in-command’s arrival procedure intentions;

(B) Report when joining the aerodrome traffic circuit, giving the
aircraft’s position in the circuit;

(C) Report when on downwind leg, if applicable;

(D) Report when on final approach; and,

(E) Report when clear of the surface on which the aircraft has landed.
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