Cessna 210T Survey Pilot wanted ~ Position filled

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Cessna 210T Survey Pilot wanted ~ Position filled

#1 Post by cameraguy » Fri Feb 23, 2018 10:49 am

Pilot Position (aerial survey) Position Filled
Pitt Meadows, BC YPK airport

Looking for a commercial pilot to fly aerial survey work (lidar and photo) for our upcoming survey season. The flights will start in the next few weeks and continue all summer / fall, usually dwindle off around mid-October. I would expect a minimum of 300 hours of flying (possibly 500 hours).
We operate 3 aircraft: Cessna 210 turbo, Cessna 206 turbo, and a Cessna 182. All aircraft are operated under a 702 OC (VFR-flying only).

The ideal candidate should have the following:
1. Already be living in the Lower Mainland. Aircraft are kept and Pitt Meadows. If you currently live in another province, please do not apply.
2. Must have a minimum 500 hours PIC.
3. Have experience flying a Cessna 206 or 210 (ideally turbo).
4. Aerial survey experience is preferred.
5. Good computer skills / technically competent.
6. Able to perform the physical aspects of this position (long days ~ up to 10 hours flying per day, move the plane with manual tow bar, and work in remote locations possibly up to a week at a time).
7. Off-pavement experience (helpful, but not required).
8. Must have a good work attitude.
9. It is a part-time position (possibly full-time). We might be able to work around your existing schedule (maybe an ideal position for part-time flight instructor?).
10. Must be a safe, responsible pilot.

Some information about us:
1. Paid training.
3. All aircraft are clean, and well-maintained.
4. Aircraft have modern avionics (Garmin GPS/radios, JPI engine monitors, digital fuel flow, etc) and have been outfitted with survey mods (STOL, tip tanks, camera ports, etc).
5. The flights will be based from Pitt Meadows, often 2-4 days in duration. Occasionally, you will remain at the remote base until the next maintenance cycle (50 hour). As the pilot in command, you will have a fair amount of autonomy. Most flights will be in the Williams Lake / Prince George / Mackenzie areas. There is also some flying in the Vancouver / Victoria ATC.
6. We pay more than most other aerial survey positions (minimum daily rate, plus hourly rate).
7. All your costs are covered when away (hotel, restaurants, etc).

Interested applicants should send resume to: terrasaurus@hotmail.com (no phone calls please).
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