Thunder Airlines - MU-2 Captains for YSB

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Thunder Airlines - MU-2 Captains for YSB

#1 Post by ThunderCP » Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:55 am

Position: Captain, MU-2 Air Ambulance
Company Name: Thunder Airlines Ltd.
Contact Name: Donna Marsh, HR Officer
Base: Sudbury
Province/Territory or State: Ontario
Country: Canada
Web Address:
Email Address:
Send Resume & Cover Letter Via: email only

Salary: See below
Closing Date: Open


Thunder Airlines is presently seeking pilots to fill Captain vacancies on our Mitsubishi Mu-2 fleet at our Sudbury base. Per our contract and in accordance with standards set out by the government of Ontario, Captains must have 2000TT, 500Mpic, 100 on type, MU-2 simulator training and their ATPL. We'll take care of the sim and time on type, but you'll have to bring the rest. If you meet those numbers and are interested in a move to a company that takes pride in treating their pilots fairly, read on.

We use our MU-2s almost exclusively for Air Ambulance work. It's interesting flying, with every day on the job being different. Our pilots routinely fly to any airport in Ontario with at least 3500 feet of runway, as well as some destinations in Manitoba, Quebec, and bordering states. We operate on a one hour call-out, moving mostly lower priority patients to and from appointments in bigger cities. It's not all gravel and NDBs every day either, there are still some medical procedures and specialties that can only be done in places like London, Toronto or Ottawa. If you like variety this is the job for you; one day may take you to Peawanuck, the next day to Pearson, but you're almost always back home at the end of your shift.

The MU-2 itself is a fantastic little machine to fly and you'll be hard pressed to find someone who has been checked out on one who didn't like it. The strangers you meet at the FBOs give a whole different story, each with their own opinion of how it is and usually with no experience to base that on. The truth is that it's a very high performance airplane in a little package but it flies just the same as anything else. Although the type has had a checkered past, there was a special FAA review in the early 2000's with some special training requirements put in place (effectively the equivalent of a Canadian PPC) that have made it the safest airplane in its class ever since. What's notable about flying the MU-2 is that all of the controls are very direct and responsive, and the airplane has been described as very 'visual' to fly. That is, there are no tactile or auditory cues to changes in the airplane's state in flight; airspeed, attitude, climb rate can only be determined through flight instrument scanning (control feedback and response is nearly constant at all speeds and stability is just this side of neutral) and power output can only be identified through the engine gauges. This does require a crew that takes their flying seriously although it doesn't take any kind of superhero to fly. All of our training is done in-house with our own training and check pilots, and our MU-2 Captains are all thoroughly trained in Simcom's MU-2 FTD down in Orlando by our own staff. We have no interest in cutting corners when it comes to preparing our crews, especially when it comes to Captains. There is, of course, also a period of co-Captaining to be expected as you get comfortable flying the line prior to being paired with our First Officers.

So here's the plan: I'd like to run a mid-late summer groundschool here in Thunder Bay, which takes just under two weeks. After that comes around a hundred hours of co-captain line indoc to be flown mostly from our YQT base, then sim training, then released to fly the line based in YSB.

At Thunder we aim to lead in pilot lifestyle. The schedule for the MU-2 is presently seven days on call and seven off (actual days off - not reserve) with the occasional deviation from that to cover training or to synch up rotations due to a staffing change. If it was ever going to change from 7/7 I would expect the ratio to stay the same but the number of days to increase up to about 10/10 at the most. Live where you like, however the expectation is of course that you'll be in town, rested and available for a call-out on your days on. We have some excellent reciprocal travel agreements including those with Porter and Air Canada (as well as their regionals) in case you're interested in going anywhere on your days off. Our pilot pay is intentionally above average and our current pay scale is as follows:

Direct Hire Captains (Senior): Pilots who meet Thunder Airlines “direct-hire criteria” will start at Year # 3. This criteria is defined as “individuals with significant experience in the industry” and is not limited to a specific number of hours however, these individuals would have a significant number of flying hours as well as significant experience in similar operations. Of course, previous MU-2 time is definitely an asset.

Captains – All Aircraft:
Year # 3 $56,662.38 per annum base, plus $0.12 per mile
Year # 4 $75,000.00 per annum salary.
Year # 5 $76,125.00 per annum salary.
Year # 6 $77,266.88 per annum salary.
Year # 7 $78,425.88 per annum salary.
Year # 8 $79,602.27 per annum salary.
Year # 9 $80,796.30 per annum salary.
Year # 10 $82,008.24 per annum salary.

The following additions are added to the base salary, and paid out as part of the regular biweekly pay:

Air Ambulance pilots: all pilots employed as part of the air ambulance operation receive the following addition to their base rate:
Captains $5,000.00 per annum

MNR Captains: all captains approved to operate as captain on MNR/Ornge flights receive the following addition to their base rate:
Captains $5,000.00 per annum (note that this is in addition to the Air Ambulance premium above, if applicable)

So, a Direct Entry Captain can expect a base pay of $56,662.38 per year, plus $5,000.00 per year to meet the Ontario Provincial Air Service Standards (mandatory for all MU-2 Captains), plus $5,000.00 per year to be an Air Ambulance Captain. On top of that there is the $0.12 per mile, which doesn't sound like much until you consider the airplane trues out a little over 320mph at altitude. There is also a retention bonus of $10,000.00 on completion of your second year as a Captain, with another $5,000.00 every year thereafter.

Further to this we have an excellent benefit package and retirement plan.

Individuals who are selected for an interview will receive a comprehensive information package prior to the interview. This package includes information on the job description, remuneration, training contracts, comprehensive employee benefit package and other details.

Don't just believe me about Thunder Airlines, ask pilots who have flown with us and do a thorough search for threads here about the company to decide for yourself.

Please apply only to as it makes it much easier for us to keep the applicants organized.

Tim Eckensviller,
Chief Pilot
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