Citation C550 Captain and First Officer

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Citation C550 Captain and First Officer

#1 Post by cdnpilot77 » Fri Oct 05, 2018 1:29 pm

Position: Captain and First Officer C550
Company Name: Private Air Inc
Web Address:
Email Address:
Phone Number: **No Phone Calls Please**
Location: CYOO
Send Resume & Cover Letter Via: PDF or Word in email
Aircraft Types: PC12, BE20, C550, C560, C56X, C650, HS125

Salary: Based on Experience and will include Benefits

Closing Date: As long as the ad is up, we are still looking

Who wants to have the life close to the centre of the universe without having to commute or live in the centre of the universe? We may have an option for you, in beautiful town of Oshawa Ontario! We are looking for a dynamic, flexible and attentive individual who is comfortable and experienced with 2 Crew Turbine Aircraft in IFR operations. This position will support the aircraft owner, charter clients and management in ensuring exceptional safe and convenient service in a beautiful Cessna C550 Citation II. This was my first jet type rating and first jet aircraft that I flew, so it is near and dear to me.

Here are a few things, and these are important so stay tuned. As a Captain, you are applying to us with an ATPL, Category 1 Medical, 2000hrs, IFR experience and turbine experience. As a First Officer, you will have at minimum a Canadian CPL, 500+hours, with some operational experience. You both have the ability to live and work in Canada, without sponsorship, and can cross into the USA, Mexico and any other countries the owner or charter clients may want to go (and back into Canada) without restrictions. If you don't meet the above basic requirements, please do not waste your time applying for this one, it will only make us cynical about life. If you happen to have prior experience or, even better, a PPC on the C550 that would be fantastic.

I expect that this airplane will fly 200-300hrs per year (maybe more, maybe less) to some pretty fun destinations for charter and owner flights. There will be some mundane ones too, but it's all an adventure right? You will have a semi-private shared hangar, that is also home to a maintenance organization which takes excellent care of our bird.

What will we pay? Well, if you insist, and only if you insist, we may choose to pay actual Canadian dollars. We have found that our crews generally work better if they can also pay their bills at home. I know this is a new and unique concept, but we are willing to give it a shot! At this time I am unable to disclose the salary, but it will be commensurate with experience. We pay expenses while on the road, but expect at some time to switch to per diems. Next, you're going to ask, "what's the schedule"? Well, I am glad you did, but I don't really have an answer for you yet. This is a well established aircraft owner who is very knowledgeable of the regulations and extremely understanding of fatigue and rest needs of the pilots. There will be some time to settle into a groove of the owners needs and wants while mixing in some charter as this airplane ramps up again after minimal use over the past year. So, that is where your flexibility is going to come in handy. If you need a rotation or every weekend off, this likely will not work for you.

To me this is the most important part, so if you've read this far, you may have a leg up. You must be a personable and fun human being to be around! We spend a lot of time on the road and in the cockpit together within a crew. If you can't get along and play nice with some delightfully eccentric people, then we are not the right fit for you. If you are a slam-clicker, or like to argue with ATC or don't know how to provide appropriate levels of service to clients, unprofessional or unsafe, kindly move on to the next ad please. We are open minded to thoughts and suggestions, praise and criticism. We take pride in involving our workforce in the decisions that will affect them and like to think we offer a pretty positive work environment, for good reason.

**Please do not offer to pay for your training. That will be an automatic disqualifier to any future opportunities with Private Air. If you already possess a C550 PPC, that is fantastic, but we are willing and able to train the right person with appropriate FSI/CAE sim and in-aircraft training. If we agree to spend the money to train you, you being the honorable person you are, will agree to spend 2 years with us, but we hope you'll stay longer! If you do decide to leave sooner, that's ok too, all we ask if that you pay the pro-rated portion of your training costs. We're not looking to dig our nails into someone, we just need to provide value and insurance to our owners.

You will be provided with the tools that you need to be safe and successful. You will provide the following; live within an hour of the YOO airport with reliable cell phone and email service and reliable transportation and your positive demeanor.

You may be tasked with filling in on other aircraft as assigned by the Chief Pilot or Operations Manager, but this will never interfere with your day job. Lastly, we all chip in to make sure the day to day aspects of the operation are fulfilled. This will always be related to the job at hand. For example, we would never ask you to wash the bosses car, but we may ask you to help update some manuals or pick up commissary or any one of the thousand little things that help make us great. We put a lot of trust in our people and that's a good thing, not only because Private Air is a safe and professional operation, but we also have fun and we intend to keep it that way.

It's will be an excellent gig with a growing organization, working with a fun group throughout the company and aircraft ownership. All of our airplanes are professionally maintained, in great shape and, with few exceptions, fly a mix of Charter and Owner Flights. Your efforts are appreciated and rewarded in more ways than 1. For instance, we regularly host staff events, which have begun to reach legendary status, which you and your significant other will be invited to! For me, this is just the beginning of an excellent working relationship!

The start date will be discussed in the interview, we just want the right pilot to come into our lives!

If I left anything out, feel free to ask in the interview. I will do my best to respond to everyone, but this may take a month or so. I will obviously contact those we wish to interview, but if you dont hear from us, I apologize, but please don't give up on us, try next time!

We look forward to working with you!
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