AAA Canada - Hiring Structural Assemblers

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AAA Canada
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AAA Canada - Hiring Structural Assemblers

Post by AAA Canada » Fri Feb 08, 2019 8:55 am

About the Job

Perform subassemblies and assemblies airframe structure or ensure the assembly of equipment, according to the technical definitions of Aircraft manufacturer.

Main Missions

- Conduct an inventory of components prior to assembly

- Learn about the products for use (Technical Instruction, Security, etc.)

- Use the tools at its disposal for assembly

- Assemble aero structures elements either established or on aircraft using fasteners (tempered rivet, mechanical rivet, fixing with screws, etc.)

- Assemble metal parts or composites

- Trace, sharpen, adjust, drill, ream, deburring, check accostages

- Use technical data of client (production, quality, safety, instruction sheets, lines, environment, installation instructions, maps, etc.)

- Ensure the technical development of the assembled unit after control

- Use sealants, metallization, anti corrosion, paint refinishing, etc.)

- Report all discrepancies

- Know and apply the rules, procedures and processes relating to its operations and where to find them

- Check compliance of their work with the generic and specific standards defined in the technical documentation of work

- Know the rules of specific health and safety in its activities. Use the facilities of individual and environmental protections

- Report all work

Prerequisites – Profile

-Apply the QSE Management System in force

- Follow the procedures, processes and instructions in force

- Contribute to the management of non-conformities and customer complaints and corrective/preventive actions issued bu the QSE functions

- Contribute to the achievement of defined objectives

Employment conditions

-PSC (Vocational Training Certificate), CAP/BEP General Mechanics, Editor Airframe, Aircraft CQPM Editor or equivalent cell

- A Certification in Safe Driving (CACES) a permit or authorization security, conditioned by a medical fitness exam to periodically renew may be required

About AAA Canada:

We are an on-site manufacturing company that offers specialized subcontracting and technical assistance services related to industrialization, production and supplier monitoring processes in the Aerospace and Transportation sectors. With over 1,125 workers, AAA Canada operates at client sites across the country, mainly in Quebec and Ontario. AAAON2019

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