Okay Airways---B737

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Okay Airways---B737

Post by Smile Aviation » Tue Jun 11, 2019 12:43 am

Okay Airways Company Limited(shortened as Okay Airways) is the first civil aviation enterprise in China’s mainland ratified by Civil Aviation Administration of China to fly.It’s headerquater is set in Beijing with Tianjin Binhai International Airport as its major operational base and Changsha Huanghua International Airport as its second operational bases.Until the end of 2015,there have been 20 airlines ofB737 series,1 B737 cargo aircraft and 13 MA60 aircrafts in Okay Airways.

Highlights:Multiple choices on working pattern;
Yearly income increase year by year;
Multiple base choices:Beijing,Xian,Tianjin, Changsha

Working Pattern:
Option 1:Residence with 36 days annual leave---268,000 USD/1st Y, 282,000 USD/2nd Y, 290,000 USD/3rd-4th Y, 302,000 USD/5-6th Y, 308,000 USD/7-8th Y, 314,000 USD/9th+Y
Option 2:8 days off per month---250,000 USD/1st Y, 258,000 USD/2nd Y, 266,000 USD/3rd-4th Y, 278,000 USD/5-6th Y, 284,000 USD/7-8th Y,290,000 USD/9th+Y
Option 3:6 weeks on 2 weeks off---244,000 USD/1st Y, 252,000 USD/2nd Y,260,000 USD/3rd-4th Y, 272,000 USD/5-6th Y,278,000 USD/7-8th Y,284,000 USD/9th+Y
Option 4:10 days off per month---231,000 USD/1st Y, 239,000 USD/2nd Y, 246,000 USD/3rd-4th Y, 258,000 USD/5-6th Y,364,000 USD/7-8th Y, 270,000 USD/9th+Y
Option 5:6 weeks on 3 weeks off---225,000 USD/1st Y, 233,000 USD/2nd Y, 240,000 USD/3rd-4th Y, 252,000 USD/5-6th Y, 258,000 USD/7-8th Y, 264,000 USD/9th+Y
Option 6:15 days on 15 days off(4 weeks on 4 weeks off)---168,000 USD/1st Y, 181,000 USD/2nd Y, 188,000 USD/3rd-4th Y, 200,000 USD/5-6th Y, 206,000 USD/7-8th Y,212,000 USD/9th+Y
Option 7:2 months on 2 months off---131,000 USD/1st Y, 138,000 USD/2nd Y, 145,000 USD/3rd-4th Y, 157,000 USD/5-6th Y, 163,000 USD/7-8th Y, 169,000 USD/9th+Y

Induction Incentive Bonus:6,000USD(Foreign pilots who join the CAAC checkride in 30 days after passing Phase 1 then report to Okay Airways in 2 months after passing the CAAC checkride)
5,000USD(Foreign pilots who join the CAAC checkride in 30 days after passing Phase 1 then report to Okay Airways in 3 months after passing the CAAC checkride)
Annual Bonus:10.000 USD/1st Y;12,000 USD/2nd Y;14,000 USD/3rd Y---Residence
8,000 USD/1st Y;10,000 USD/2nd Y;12,000 USD/3rd Y---8 days off/6 weeks on 2 weeks off
7.000 USD/1st Y;9,000 USD/2nd Y;10,000 USD/3rd Y---10 days off/6 weeks on 3 weeks off
6.000 USD/1st Y; 7,000 USD/2nd Y; 8,000 USD/3rd Y---15 days on 15 days off/ 2 months on 2 months off
Loyalty Bonus:starting from 2nd contract term, loyalty bonus per year: 12,000 USD(5-6th y), 18,000 USD(7-8th y), 24,000 USD(9th+y)
Education Allowance:reimburse50%, maximum 8,000USD/Y,only for residence pilots
Travel Allowance: 6,000 USD/Y---Residence/15 days on 15 days off/2 months on 2 months off
8,000 USD/Y---8 days per month/6 weeks on 2 weeks off/10 days off per month/6 weeks on 3 weeks off
Ticket Benefits: Foreign pilots and immediate family members: International and domestic flight of OK Air; 2 confirming tickets and 8 standby tickets; exclude charter flights
Housing Allowance:2,500 USD/M---Residence
2,000 USD/M---8 days off/6 weeks on 2 weeks off
1,500 USD/M---10 days off/6 weeks on 3 weeks off
Transport Allowance:1,000USD/M---Residence pilots
500USD/M---Commuting pilots

Base:Beijing,is the capital of the People’s Republic of China,and also is an important world capital and global power city, and one of the world’s leading centers for politics,economy and business, finance,education, culture,innovation and technology,architecture,language,and diplomacy.
Xi’an, is the capital of Shanxi province in China.As one of the most important cities in Chinese history,Xi'an is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China for it has been the capital of 13 dynasties
Tianjin, is a municipality direct under the Central Government, as well as an opening city.It is one of the most prosperous business areas as well as a distribution center for goods and materials in North China.
Changsha,is the capital of Hunan Province.It has unique natural scenery and many places of interest.

-5000+ TT hours, 500+hours PIC on B737NG
-Current flight within recent 6 months
-Age shall be under 55year old.
-Current type rating on B737NG
-ICAO 4 and Medical class 1
-No history of incidents or accidents

Apply now:
Please send us the documents as below for application if you meet with the requirements. We will assist you to join the screening.

-Passport(Both up and down pages)
-Application with signature
-License and Medical
-Last proficiency check
-Logbook in last 3 months
-ID photo

Get more details ,pls write to catherine@smile-aviation.com immediately to start your application! 
What’s App/Wechat:+86 13253595564(Catherine)  
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