Person Responsible For Maintenance

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Person Responsible For Maintenance

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Job Description

Coastal Pacific Aviation is hiring for Person Responsible for Maintenance. We are looking at candidates with minimum of 4 years of aircraft maintenance experience. Please email your resume to, if you have the qualifications and you are interested in this position.
The Person Responsible for Maintenance is responsible for the coordination of maintenance, servicing and elementary work on aircraft.


1.To coordinate the maintenance, repair, modification and overhaul of all company aircraft and aircraft components.

2.To ensure that inspection and maintenance records are originated and retained with respect to the overall maintenance function.

3. To ensure that a system of control is originated and maintained with respect to life limited items for all company aircraft and aeronautical products affected.

4. To schedule maintenance, elementary work and servicing according to approved maintenance schedules.

5.To maintain a system of recurring defect analysis and initiate the required procedure for investigation and rectification of defects.

6. To ensure that aircraft weight and balance data are amended as required.

7. To ensure that current maintenance and technical publications are available to maintenance personnel performing work on company aircraft.

8. Identifying items for Service Difficulty Reports and ensuring that they are submitted to Transport Canada within the required time limit.

9.To act as liaison between the company and Transport Canada regarding maintenance and related subjects.

10.To ensure that company originated check sheets conform in detail to the Transport Canada approved maintenance programs contained in this manual.

11.To ensure that each person responsible for the certification of company aircraft holds an appropriate and valid license.

12.Ensure that all required entries have been made in the aircraft journey log book and transcribed to the technical log books within the required time limits.

13. To ensure that the maintenance functions have been conducted in accordance with this manual, the manufacturer’s manuals and Transport Canada requirements.

14. Developing this Maintenance Control Manual and ensuring amendments are made as required and that holders of the manual have completed the amendments after issue.

15.To ensure the Maintenance Alert Card is updated after daily operations have been reported.

16. To review changes to manufacturer’s maintenance manuals that may affect approved Aircraft Maintenance Schedules.

17. To conduct ongoing, formal reliability and recurring defect review and if necessary, consult with the AMO.

18.To perform an audit of the maintenance control system of the company at intervals stated in this manual.

19.To ensure that when an aircraft develops defects away from the main base, those defects are deferred or rectified in accordance with this manual.

20. Ensuring Airworthiness Directives are complied with and the conformance of aircraft with their type design.

21. Manage the issuing of authorizations for the performance of elementary work and servicing on company aircraft.

22. Ensuring a high standard of workmanship and training for personnel and compliance with relevant procedures.

Job Type: Full-time
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