Assistant Director of Maintenance - progressing to DOM

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Assistant Director of Maintenance - progressing to DOM

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Yorkton Aircraft Service Ltd, located at Hangar #2, Yorkton Airport in Yorkton, Saskatchewan is an AMO specializing in Agricultural spray aircraft. Our TC approvals include aircraft, avionics, instruments, structures, and welding. We are preparing for our next 32 years in business. We have created a position for an Assistant Director of Maintenance to assist with the current slow-down plans of our long serving Director of Maintenance and company founder.

This is a service-based company with a unique business model as an AMO. We do not have our own commercial fleet and we don’t maintain King Airs or Lear Jets. Instead we service a unique client set with tough working, rugged crop spraying planes and fun to fly general aviation planes. Your satisfaction comes with helping numerous pilots and operators stay in the air and build their business including bringing new airplanes into Canada. We must be flexible, plans change frequently.

JOB OVERVIEW: You will work alongside the current Director of Maintenance to learn the industry and the services this AMO provides to its client base in preparation for your successful transition to the DOM position within a time frame that works for you. The aircraft maintenance work we do at Yorkton Aircraft is very niche oriented and broad in scope. There are few experienced AMEs with agricultural aviation experience for example so we feel gaining some experience as an Assistant in this industry will be essential to long term success. Transition time is expected to take place within 4-8 months but will depend on what experience you bring, your readiness and successful completion of the Transport Canada interview. We are committed to doing what it takes for the right person.

REPORTS TO: Director of Maintenance. Once you transition to the Director of Maintenance you will report to the Accountable Executive and the Yorkton Aircraft ownership team.

QUALIFICATIONS: You possess a valid Transport Canada AME License (M1/M2 rating ideal, minimum M1 with at least 5 years of ACA ratings); experience maintaining Agricultural Aircraft and General Aviation preferable. Experience in leading people essential. Having previous management in a regulated business setting would be ideal. You have a desire to lead and organize towards success.

ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED SKILLS: positive personality; leadership & team building skills; customer-oriented, resolution oriented; organized, planning and ability to prioritize, adaptability, remain calm in everchanging work conditions, desire to excel, patient, somewhat extroverted, computerized aircraft maintenance software experience. You will be assessed for whether you fit the role and fit the company culture. Strong English skills essential. Understanding of agriculture essential.

This Assistant Director of Maintenance position will work alongside and act in support of the Director of Maintenance and take on duties as delegated within the training plan to eventually transition to the DOM role.

The role of the Director of Maintenance (DOM) is to provide leadership to the Maintenance Organization in the management and coordination of the technical activities to ensure:
• compliance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs);
• compliance with the policies set out in the AMO's Maintenance Policy Manual;
• the Quality Assurance system remains effective;
• the company maintenance output is consistent;
• the company core values are in place; the company goals achieved;
• the brands promise to "keep their customers in the air" is fulfilled;
• the work and the workplace are safe.

To fulfill the duties of this role, the key responsibilities include:
• Developing a strong understanding of the Canadian Aviation Regulations with focus on this AMO's ratings and scope of approvals;
• Developing a strong understand of the AMO's Maintenance Policy Manual and related incorporated documents in order to evaluate, amend, develop, implement the AMO's maintenance policies and procedures for ongoing compliance with the regulations;
• Developing a strong understanding of the company's core values, goals, vision, brand promise and desired culture in order to evaluate systems and foster change as required;
• Commit to a DOM in-training plan and assist in the development of your tailor-made plan in terms of milestones and timelines; The plan build depends on what experience you have to offer the AMO;
• Work toward developing and implementing key communication strategies with the shop team, including related staff in technical records and inventory control;
• Work toward developing strong relationships and communication strategies with the AMO customer group, vendors and suppliers;
• Establish strong working relationships with the shop personnel in a very dynamic environment in order for mentoring, coaching and leading to be effective;
• Assist in effective forecasting, planning, coordination and control of maintenance activities using existing policies, procedures and systems and providing suggestions for change to improve effectiveness; this includes external work with customers and internal work with maintenance personnel;
• Direct, oversee and manage maintenance activities as assigned by the DOM;
• Manage shop personnel as assigned by the DOM;
• Oversee the organizations parts, stores and material control functions as assigned by the DOM;
• Oversee the training program of all maintenance personnel including their training records;
• Oversee the organization's regulatory and technical publications and library for completeness and currency;
• Manage the organization's specialized tools and equipment as assigned;
• Liaise with the AMO external auditor and Transport Canada as assigned;
• Act on the outcomes of the Quality Assurance Program: ensure findings are appropriately communicated; root cause analysis is done to develop corrective action plans; oversee the implementation of plans and assist in assessing their effectiveness;
• Oversee all changes in current policies, procedure and systems in terms of amendments to manuals and their successful implementation;
• Actively help ensure AMO delivery standards are met, specifically in areas of teamwork, leadership and service delivery.

In summary this position is an opportunity to learn about proven success, and contribute to keeping a legacy alive: keep what is working; refresh as necessary; introduce new strategies, processes, procedures and controls to keep the company in a positive direction well into the future. Leading this dynamic company, developing a team of professionals operating in a fluid environment can be complex but given the company's strong reputation, and your open mind, it will be very rewarding. Initially, because the leadership has come from a company owner since the beginning, the transition may be complex. You will need to draw upon your skills in team building, problem solving, resolution seeking, critical thinking, time management, collaboration and change management. We are committed to your success.

Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm; no shiftwork but sometimes unusual hours during the crop spraying season.

Benefits: Numerous benefits including group insurance with dental/health and a pension plan following a 3-month probation period.

Application deadline: 2020-11-30

Expected start date: 2021-02-01

Renumeration: Willing to negotiate.

To apply please email No phone calls please.
Only individuals selected for an interview will be contacted.
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