Adventure of a job search

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Adventure of a job search

Post by butterflyRotors » Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:30 pm

Here is a honest warning of hardships to overcome if you're curious about getting into the helicopter pilots industry.

I tried to find work in the spring of 2018 and I noted all my encounteers.

+ Alpine (Canmore) twice. Guys from last year came back,
Visited : in person avoiding too many ground crew pilot to limit competition for flying. (4 years wait)
+ Yellowhead H.(Prince-George) : seasonal work, flying very sporadically, maybe 20 hours in 5 years, living at Prince George.
+ Highland H.(various bases) : absolutely no place for low time, but apparently new Chief Pilot wants to bring a program back.
+ Airspan H.(Sechelt) : Just hired a guy last month, he might get 5 hours endorsement. Not a flying job.
+ Access Fort Macmurray : Hangar empty, no phone answers, learn they were a spray company in Okotoks as well (Round up scandals going on now)
+ Ascent H. (Nanaimo) : Trying to let go of their ground crew guy, because he ain't gonna fly ever, after 3 years.
+ High Terrain H. (Nelson) : Will try to help you but there is no low time needed.
+ Mustang Fort Macmurray : Hangar empty, no phone answers
+ Phoenix : Maybe, come back next January
+ Valhalla (Kelowna) : Nope, Try next fall, lost a big contract good for low time.
+ Big Horn : It was my first person presentation and was completely failing at expressing words. Epic speech failure.
+ West Coast H. (vancouver Island both locations) : Just hired a guy last month, sorry.
+ Helijet (Victoria) : Was interviewed, not choosen.
+ Helijet (Vancouver) was interviewed, not choosen. ( need IFR rating, so need 60 hours more cross-country + IFR course = 20 000-35 000$)
+ Taiga/Ridge Rotors (Whitecourt) : Can't meet the boss in 2 days, g2g I can't afford more motels.
+ Ops Mobil / Airborne Energy (Whitecourt) : Talked to the guy, felt like I would have chances if I worked the oil & gas plants.
+ Heli-Source (Red Deer) : Not this time, try September
+ Delta H. (Edmonton) : Come back with 500 hours.
+ E&B H. (Campell River) : "what can you do to justify me hiring you?" ICS Aircraft mechanic is the answer. Many other pilots and AME warned me after that this is a pretty much useless course, but knowledge is always valuable.
+ Synergy aviation (Whitecourt) : they got their own school. they hire their student.
+ Great Slave Helicopter (Calgary) Just hired last week, come back in fall. They Called my school for hawks but I never left them a resumé so I wasn't aware of the opening in time.
+ Sierra H. (Vancouver) : I ask "How can I get to your hangar sir ?" he says "Its hidden because we dont hire low time"
+ Aurora (kelowna) : This is not a good time, C.P. is busy (reached them by phone weeks ago; said straight no for low time)
+ Sky Helicopter (Vancouver) : both pilots are flying... okay maybe too small for me.
+ Peregrine H. (Hinton) Hangar empty, called ; don't hire ground crew, too small company.
+ Blackcomb Aviation ( Vancouver & Pemberton ): Base managers away, have to try later.
+ Eagle Helicopters (calgary) : saw an add for Store Clerk, sent resume, tried to meet the guy but only on appointments.
+ L.R. Helicopters(Calgary) : wish I did my training there, they hire low time to fly for the news (reach 500hrs possible quickly)
+ Heli-source(Red Deer) : they hired 1 new guy already. they only take students from MVH (1 per year I guess)
+ Canadian Helicopters ( canada wide ) : you better be a pilot already. 500 hrs.

Other cies I have called : and probably didn't bother to visit because of the low or absent positive feedback.

Kootenay valley H.
Canadian H.
Valley B.
Baileys (there would be a few hopes there)
Heli Dynamics
Cold Stream
Star H.
Passeport Helico ( French school, hire their students to reach 500 hrs with city news flying near Montreal)

I tried to make a start in the industry. Was 29 years old, got engineer mechanical background, military, made a kick ass good looking resumé, presented myself professionally.15 000 kms later, weeks of road trip and many days in motels and AirB&B, so many companies I reached out to, still unemployed. So months later after my search I ended up deciding to cancel the pilot path cause of failing pilot proficiency check (PPC) flight, sort of twice in 2 days. My school let me train and get the CPL but now that I gave em my 70000$ on the RH44 their truth came out haha. They let me check the box of one of my dream tho, I did fly helicopters.

Persistence is key indeed, and also having the skills for a pilot will help. Don't trust the feedback while at school. Call those companies back, see what they have to say about low time 100 hrs pilot.

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Re: Adventure of a job search

Post by fijdor » Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:08 pm

I have to give you a tumbs up for trying, well done. :smt023

There is more than passport Helico on the East side of Canada, I am just saying.

Good luck to you and I hope you will find your dream job.

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Re: Adventure of a job search

Post by MOAB » Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:36 am

Good on you for trying!

Dont give up cause this industry is all about timing!

That said,

People ask me if it’s worth getting into helicopters and for the time being no, it’s been tough for years! Its honestly looking more practical to go to the states, train and get an instructors rating and see if you can get a work visa from the school.....then if nothing else it’s hours.

Better option all together is to go fixed wing
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Re: Adventure of a job search

Post by C-GKNT » Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:28 am

Persistence is key indeed, and also having the skills for a pilot will help. Don't trust the feedback while at school. Call those companies back, see what they have to say about low time 100 hrs pilot.
Just in case someone in training (or considering getting into the industry) is reading, I'll say it again...

NEVER forget, the primary purpose of a flight school is NOT to get you a job or make you employable. The primary purpose of a flight school is to SELL flight training.

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