Question about free GEFS flight simulator Helicopter

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Question about free GEFS flight simulator Helicopter

#1 Post by harry250 » Sat May 09, 2015 7:58 am

Question about free GEFS flight simulator Helicopter flight dynamics and turn handling when compaired to a real helicopter


I thought id ask this question here as this would be the best place to provide an accurate answer

In the free to use web based flight simulator
( needs free google earth installed and runs fine from opra or firefox when brousers if you wanna give it a try ? )

there is a model of a huges 300 helicopter

that really hard to fly !!

I have a question about what happens when you want to turn the helicopter really fast from 40kts forward flight and get it flying in the oposite direction
using a 180 degree pirouette turn manouver

(sort of manourer you might see done by a helicopter display team)

This is what happen in the sim

From straight and level forward flight at 40kts say 100 ft agl

kick in some right rudder

helicopter starts to yaw to the right but then the nose starts to pitch up automatically requiring pushing cyclic forward and right abit

awell as the collective needs to be reduced abit ?? during this turn manouver

so as to keep the nose aimed at the ground thought out the turn at an angle of 45 degrees approximatly

then as soon as you reached 180 degrees turned

cyclic back to pull nose up and increase collective to go back into into forward flight again ( only this time in the oppsite direction )

what do you need to do in a real helicopter to achieve the same 180 pirouette degree manouver from 40kts forward flight??

if you could decribe what needs to be done with the controls i would be greaftul as then i could compare to the sim

if the sims wrong i will not fly it any more as this could cause bad practice


really looking forward to a reply
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Re: Question about free GEFS flight simulator Helicopter

#2 Post by ruckus9 » Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:51 pm

Sorry for the bump but I found this post on the search engine... anyway I just wanted to say I originally got into flight simulators with GEOFS... it's extremely basic and as you said difficult to use. But it sparked my interest in online flying... I ended up going to microsoft flight, which is alright but not a proper flight simulator. Stumbled upon and saw a load of different flight simulators. Went with X-Plane 10 and didn't look back. I think X-Plane 11 is out now, I might upgrade, depends if anyone thinks its any good?

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