A million and one questions!

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A million and one questions!

#1 Post by JeremyB » Thu Aug 24, 2006 1:17 pm

Not literaly, but I would love to hear a recent grad's perspective on the industry today as far as starting out after training. And a few other things..(for now)

I was hoping that someone can chime in on this query regarding an operators point of view. Which is better: To train on a piston (R22) and get a 206 endo., and do some extras like mountain flying, water bucket etc...Basicly $80k worth or training and 120+ hours (as much as possible do on turbine)... OR spend $80 and train with Great Slave on a 206 and get 100 hours of turbine?

It's a bit of a toss up as far as i can tell, but what is the best in an operators eyes when you are looking for that first job?

I'm BC Boy and would love to stay here, but if i train with GS and work for them after I'll be away from home for a long time..at least until I get enough hours...so there is a loalty issue there as well that I dont like.

Basicly I want to fly for a Heli-ski company and heli-log once i put my time in, so is there any schools that can put me closer to that path?

Thanks for any help you might offer in advance! I'm reallylooking foward to the experiance..I just want to start off right!


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I am going to be going to Heli-training in the next year or so and would LOVE any advice you can give! Please email me or PM if you can help.

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