SR22 or B36TC Partnership (CYKZ)

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SR22 or B36TC Partnership (CYKZ)

Post by ironsgreg » Sat Sep 07, 2019 1:15 pm


I am looking for two additional partners for a 3 way shared syndicate in either a Cirrus SR22 or a Beechcraft B36TC. As a partnership we can decide what aircraft best suits our mission profile. My idea is to purchase a well specked SR22 G2 / G3 or B36TC and upgrade the avionics to today's standards. I would like the aircraft to be stored at Buttonville (CYKZ) but open to other options. I live in the York region so ideally locally based.

A little about me, I have previously owned both an SR22 G2, and a PC12. I have a Canadian CPL with around 1900hrs. I am looking to utilize the aircraft for weekend trips, around one weekend a month.

If anyone is interested in discussing this further or would be interested in joining the partnership please send me a PM and I would love to explore the different options.

Many thanks

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