Classic, Q or jet?

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Re: Classic, Q or jet?

Post by Goodman5 » Thu Feb 13, 2020 8:27 pm


I’m a Q400 driver and here’s my bit why I prefer it:

I flew in Northern Canada outta the NWT and the YK, and I made the switch to Jazz for security, longevity and lifestyle. I have no interest flying internationally. If 703-704 were safer and had better pay/benefits I wouldn’t have left that type of flying.

Everyone complains about the long days/high sector pairings on the Q400 out of YVR but if you came from the North then 7 legs is a breeze for you. (7 leg days aren’t even frequent) Personally I’d rather be busy flying for 12 hours then sit around for the same time and accomplish a YVR-SFO and back.

Shit. A 2 hour flight is the longest flight I ever want to do. Which is why I hope I get to do Q400 flying for a career. Good pay, schedule and I still get to fly the plane.

If you’re looking to apply and hoping for YVR base....Do it. If you have an ATPL you’ll upgrade almost immediately in these times. And the way things are now, you’ll move up quicker on the Q list then the CRJ list.

Good luck and have fun.
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